Video Marketing Made Easy for Healthcare Professionals

Video Marketing

Videos have become the most preferred form of marketing these days. They help you communicate your thoughts in a shorter and more impactful manner. With around 100GB of video being uploaded to the Internet every minute, it is not a surprise that healthcare brands are tempted to use Video Marketing in their online marketing strategy.

In this article, we would understand how healthcare brands benefit from the use of videos in their marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need to Use Videos?

The rise in the consumption of online videos increased by almost 100% in 2019. Videos are an effective medium for creating brand recognition. People engage in watching videos longer than reading text-heavy content.

Let us first understand how video marketing has influenced the healthcare marketing strategy.

Influence of Video Marketing on Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Higher SEO Rating on Your Website

With videos, the website gets ranked higher than text-heavy pages. Search Engines have the responsibility of providing users with the most relevant content. The rise in the consumption of video content has led to search engines embracing videos and awarding them higher ranks in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP).

Increased Customer Engagement

People choose their healthcare service provider from either online research or referral network. For people online, it becomes difficult to engage customers and retain their interest. Videos help you bridge this gap as they allow you to convey your message, portray your brand values, and build brand recognition. Also, the presence of videos on your webpage directly affects your conversion rate.

Social Media Engagement

There are almost two billion people who actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This large population can easily be fed your video content as nearly all social media platforms allow the use of videos, some even work on videos. Videos have successfully captured the attention of social media users. They also help in generating leads, as we can scrape the data of people who have “liked” your videos.

Types of Videos Healthcare Brands Use

Video Introductions

Video Introductions help in building brand recognition, portraying the values that your brand believes in, and building customer trust. You can make a video that explains the work that your brand does, the motivation behind your team, and the values your organization imbibes. You could introduce the physicians/doctors who have helped in developing the product you intend to market. Highlight their achievements and let the patients know they are in capable hands.

Facility Specific Videos

You could post video tour videos of your facility. This would show the audience that you not only have the infrastructure, but you also have state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals.

Case Study Videos

Videos that show a patient’s journey would be appealing to other potential patients. Such videos can highlight how you made a difference in the patients’ lives. They would take the audience from a time of suffering to agony-free life. The emotional impact on the audience would be huge, and they would trust your brand to help them too.

Stories for Social Media

Nearly all social media platforms allow you to upload short story videos of less than 60 seconds. They are perfect for snapshot promotions. They do not stay on the page for more than twenty-four hours and direct the users to visit your page for more information.

How to Make the Perfect Video for Your Brand

Video content has proven effective in bringing in a new set of audiences and driving conversion rates higher. It has the power to increase the online presence by engaging customers.

In this section, we would talk about the things that you have to keep in mind while making video content for your marketing strategy.

Create a Video Production Plan

Before going for video production, it would be helpful for you to plan as much as possible. First, identify your goals and purpose for making the video. The next step would be aligning your plans with your goal. This would be helpful when you track your progress.

Create a storyboard or a script if need be. It would help you keep a note of the essential points that your video has to include.

Strive to Be Unique

There is no lack of video content on the Internet. Ensure that your video content stands out from the rest. Originality goes a long way in engaging your potential customers. No one would read lengthy explanations about how your brand is different. A visual aid would make it easier for them to understand what sets you apart from the rest.

Try to imbibe the personality of your brand in the video. This makes the video more relatable for your audience. If people relate to your video, your job is half-done.

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Make the Message Clear & Concise

Always look at your video from the customer’s point of view. Make sure all intricate details are explained in a bright and appealing tone. Make sure you answer all the questions that a customer might come up with.

Use Entertaining Elements in Your Video

No one will sit through your video if it is relevant to them. Studies have shown that people judge the video quality in the first 10 seconds. So, you have to capture the audience’s attention in the first few seconds so that they end up watching the entire video. This is not possible without the use of entertaining forms of media like animations, visuals, or music to keep the audience intrigued. This job gets more comfortable with the use of video editing software like or Doing this will help you send out your message in an entertaining way.


The videos do not have to be perfect. Don’t let the perceived costs make you shy away from one of the most preferred marketing tools. Videos that present the message clearly would be enough for you. So, use the tips given in this article and start on your video marketing journey.

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