6 Interesting Social Media Content Writing Tactics for Increased Traffic

6 Crucial Social Media Content Writing Tips to Apply in 2020

Content creation for social media platforms is never stagnant. In the past ten years, companies had to alter the strategy according to changing social media algorithms. What is relevant today might be immaterial after eight or nine years.

Nevertheless, certain tips have been highlighted below to help you make your posts more lucid and succinct at the same time.

1. Write as per the Platform

Content for Twitter will definitely not be the same as the content you post on your website. For instance, when you share a picture, text or video on Instagram, it should have proper captions, hashtags, location marking and tags. Your target would be to attract as many people as possible with precise content.

If it is Facebook, you will need to provide a bit more description. When you are writing assignment blog posts, you must focus on the proper placement of keywords. Craft impressive meta title and meta description. Most people have the attention span of an infant. So, use bullets to improve the presentation when providing interesting data and statistics.

2. Find Your Voice

Imitation won’t help you much if you want to achieve success. So, it is better if you start presenting unique write-ups. It will take time, but your efforts will be fruitful. Brand voice signifies the emotion pervaded in the activities and interactions. For instance, you can write a post reflecting your initial journey and hardships. Who knows? Some might find it inspiring and interesting!

It is best if you address your readers directly. Thus, your main objective would be to make the content more personal. It has been seen that the word ‘you’ splashes the news feed more than anything else. So, use it to your advantage.

3. Incorporate Pictures and Videos

Posts with videos and images get circulated more than verbose write-ups. 64% of the consumers purchase a product or avail a service after watching branded videos. Moreover, 2 minutes long video posts get the most engagement and result in 157% traffic enhancement from SERPs.

As you can imagine, videos gather more exposure. The simple logic behind it is that people retain the audio-visual effect more. So, if you are posting on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, make sure your content is in a video format. Moreover, see to it that your assignment blog posts, infographics, case studies, etc. consist of images or videos.

4. Hop on to the Trending Topics

If you wish to garner more engagements in the form of views, subscribers and followers, you have to keep an eye out for the trends. 2020 has been hard for every business owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, you can write a blog post on the impact of Coronavirus on your business and share some pictures of the adverse effects.

What you have to understand is that millions of posts are published online every day. So, the life of content is short. Moreover, new trends keep cropping up every week. Thus, make the most of the opportunity by inserting relevant hashtags and posting upcoming events or initiatives. It will keep the audience engaged.

5. Do Not Make Your Content Lengthy

In this fast-paced world, people don’t have time to go through 1000 word-odd blog posts. They search for easy solutions and quick recommendations. Hence, if you write a blog post, try to wrap it up within 450-500 words. If you maintain this strategy, you will see that the traffic on your site is increasing. Keep your content simple and refrain from using complicated words.

In your 500 words write-up, do include subheading and list out the product or service features. The paragraphs should not be chunky and kept within three sentences. Highlight the crucial points in your content so that the readers do not overlook it. Finally, do read the comment section to find out what your audience desires the most.

6. Ask the Audience to Participate

If you watch YouTube videos or check out Instagram posts, you will see that the influencers are always engaging the audience with some activity. For instance, if you are running an online music school, you can start a contest and ask everyone to submit their clips. You can either offer prize money or a feature on your social media account.

When interested people find this post, they will be eager to show off their creativity. Furthermore, they will also be keen on gaining exposure. And, this is how you rope in more visitors. Thus, the trick to lure in more audience is to include a call to action. In blog posts, you can add a call to action under each subheading to entice potential clients.

As you can see, the options are endless. But, if you are considering one suggestion, get to the bottom of it to uncover further details. Once you know the mechanism and you apply the tactic, you will be aptly rewarded.

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