How to Increase the Value of your Home

Home Roofing

Your home might be a place that you love regardless of how it looks because of the memories you’ve made in it: but it has financial value as well.  If you’re ready to build more value into your property, this is everything you need to keep in mind. 

Change Out Older Siding

How old is your siding?  We all want our homes to stand out and look fantastic: so why allow the old siding to slow it down?  You can tell siding has reached the end of its lifespan if you see curling, cracking, discoloration, or moisture issues.  Damaged siding can allow insect life, rot, and mold into your home: so it’s vital to update it ASAP.  This will also give you the chance to update the entire appearance of your home in one move.  

Make Your Greenery Shine

The cheapest update you can make for your property that will make the largest impact is updating the greenery!  Cutting and edging your grass, filling out your gardens, deep cleaning walls, and brick, and generally beautifying your yard can go a long way.  This tells buyers that the property has been well maintained and ensures you don’t have to fight to get buyers interested in your home.  Curb appeal goes a long way.

Update Your Roof

The average roof replacement can take a big bite out of how much money you have: but it’s worth it when it’s time to sell.  How old is your roof?  Most roofs can last thirty years without any issues, but if you notice curling shingles or discoloration across the roof, it could be on its last legs.  Updating your roof adds a lot of value to the property and also increases the interest of buyers who want to get the best property they can.  

Do a Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen will allow your home to feel like a paradise: but don’t go too big!  A minor kitchen remodels a far higher return on investment than a large kitchen remodel and allows the buyer to put their own fingerprints on the room.  If you’re planning on keeping the house for five to ten more years, you can then consider a full kitchen remodel, as long as you space it out and buy things when you can find good deals.  

Make it More Energy Efficient.

Energy efficiency is a big deal that more people are talking about now than ever before.  Although you could want energy efficiency because you want your home to be as affordable as possible, it’s also great for the environment and fantastic for how comfortable your home feels.  If you want your home to be more energy efficient, consider replacing old leaking windows or doors, adding insulation, and buying smart thermostats.  These devices allow you to control the temperatures from anywhere! 

Any Home Can Be Improved

Whether your home is newer and you’re turning it into the property of your dreams, or it’s older, and you’re trying to add value: you can increase your home’s value on the market!  Consider some of these changes to make it happen.

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