What Does It Mean To Drive Traffic?

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For anyone beginning to read anything related to marketing these days, there are many terms that need to be defined before one becomes a marketing expert. One of the most often misunderstood terms is to “drive traffic”. This article will focus on clearing up what driving traffic is, what it does, and the ways you can achieve it.

The Easy Method

One of the easiest ways to any marketing strategy is to simply outsource your tactics and let someone more experienced handle it. For example, in social media marketing, you can use websites such as SubscirberZ to boost your social media presence. This means you don’t have to bother learning anything about driving traffic to your website beyond the fact that it is beneficial. 

Driving Traffic: A Definition

In the past, when stores were offline and people walked around in markets (and malls) to do their shopping, a busy store with a lot of traffic was considered a successful store. That is, if your store has a lot of visitors, you have more potential sales and thus you will probably earn more profits.

The same concept was taken to online e-commerce websites and other websites that apply marketing concepts. More visitors are always considered a good thing, and traffic means visitors. 

To drive traffic is to apply strategies or tactics that increase the likelihood that visitors to your store (or webpage) will come. For example, if you have a boarded up store with no “open” sign, visitors are likely to pass by and ignore your store completely. If a bakery opens up its windows to give off the sweet smell of freshly baked bread, passersby  are likely to walk in even if they didn’t need bread. Online, the same concept applies, albeit conducted differently. 

How To Drive Traffic Online

The cornerstone of getting people to visit your website is for your page to be suggested on a search engine. Most people find websites through search engines – Google in particular. That means that if you find ways to get your website to be the answer for queries that users are searching for on Google, you will get more visitors. The best advice is to apply SEO tactics and to implement keyword research on your content. 

Brainstorm about what types of keywords would your target customers use to search for you. Try to be specific, and use it in your content. If your page is about a Neapolitan pizzeria, you can expect your target customer to use keywords such as “pizza,” “Neapolitan” and “Italian”. Try to use those words in your marketing strategies to get your page indexed using those keywords. That will make it easier for people to find you. 

Additionally, you should be posting a lot of content online so you can reach more potential visitors. Use various social media platforms to interact with your potential target audience, by posts related to your webpage even if they are not directly promotional. As long as the reader is engaged, they will remember you the next time they need your type of business. 

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