How to Liven up Your Relationship: 3 Personal Tips

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If you are in a relationship for a longer period or even for a shorter period, you would always look for ways to improve your relationship. You would have even consulted a Dating Mentor for improving the relationship. Love at its initial stage is always glittering and blooming.

The physical intimacy, communication, and closeness make the bond stronger. At a point, you would get bound by some problems in a relationship. That’s where you need to look for ways to improve relationships. A Dating Mentor would only guide you to the ways, but it is always on you to implement the ways.

To liven up your relationship, you need to be firm and wise. It’s the efforts of both the parties that form a fruitful relationship. In this guide, we have shared the three ways to improve relationships based on personal experiences.

How To Improve Relationships? (Personal Tips)

There are ups and downs in any relationship. The major factors that would affect your relationship are money, family, and sex. So, how to improve relationships?

Improve the Ways To Communicate

Communication is the key to any friendship or relationship. Without proper communication, you would close all the possible doors of your relationship. Now, communicating doesn’t mean losing your self-esteem.

If you are communicating well, you would feel more comfortable with your partner on the bed, during dates, and for the time you are together. Look for better ways to improve communication in relationships. Meet often, go out for a walk, enjoy sex, and share everything that you want your partner to improve in.

A study has also found that better communication is has improved sex life as well as the self-esteem of the individual.

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Show Each Other Physical Affection 

Physical affection is as important as anything in a relationship. Long-distance relationships tend to fail due to a lack of physical intimacy, and this leads to cheating. Physical affection has other benefits as well; it releases the hormones; it improves and lifts your mood, and also reduces your blood pressure.

Physical affection doesn’t mean sex; it can be kissing, hugging, holding hands, or keeping head on your partner’s shoulders. Thus, the increased level of Dopamine and Adrenaline in your body will make you more comfortable and improve your experience in a relationship. It is also vital to understand what your partner enjoys as a part of physical affection.

However, the simple truth of life is that partners who rarely or never make love lose this important initial bond that is essential to maintaining a good, harmonious relationship. If you feel that you have become less attractive to your significant other, then work on your appearance and try to ignite the spark of passion in your partner again!

It so happens that you both get tired all the time, and the word “no” gets settled in the vocabulary, especially when it comes to sex. But sex and intimacy are essential to most relationships, so it’s time to change that.

Kindness is a rare quality these days, but it is essential to relationships. Try to do the pleasant little things, support each other, and be kind to goals and desires. Broad gestures are always pleasant, of course, but sometimes the mood for the whole day is provided by a cup of coffee served by your partner in the morning. These things are about intimacy also.

Plan your dating nights. Once a month or less, as you both want. Many couples eventually forget about how it happens, bogged down in the daily routine, work, taking care of children… Try to take time to be alone, without being distracted by gadgets and other things. And no need to wait for the initiative; offer it yourself!

Set Couple Goals

Man holding woman handConsider you and your partner as a team that is striving towards a common goal. This way, you will find a better way to achieve your personal goal. By achieving goals, we mean:

  • Achieving and Celebrating Something together
  • Spending time together at least once a week.
  • Listening and Improving each other to keep your relationship blooming.

Do you remember what your partner was like when you first met? Ambitious, purposeful, skillful, full of life and energy. But it often happens that after a certain period of time it begins to seem to us that these positive qualities of our partner have disappeared somewhere. But think about this: exactly the same thing happened to you! Try to be as ambitious as you can, as this will have a positive effect on the way your partner looks at you.

How to Improve Self Esteem in Relationships?

We might have often heard most of partners lose their self-esteem while being in a relationship. People with low self-esteem will tend to please their needs, go in fix mode, and also become needy sometimes. If you are one of them, reverse the gear and do just the opposite of what you have been doing.

To improve your self-esteem, stop pleasing others, and enjoy some time alone. Do not forget that you are not the one who needs it. Lastly, let the other person try and fix it for you this time.


We all know very well that relationships can be difficult at times. Maintaining a good relationship requires a lot of compromise, attention and effort.

If the cons are outweighing the pros, it’s time to improve your relationship now. This was our guide on the best ways to improve relationships based on personal experiences.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about improving the ruined relationships.

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