How your Apple Watch can Help you Improve your Fitness

Apple Watch

Smartwatches are amazingly useful devices. They can help you stay connected wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, by giving you access to your calls, messages and emails directly on your wrist. They can make life more convenient by enabling you to pay for items, record voice memos or get directions even when you don’t have your phone on you. They can help you stay healthy by tracking your sleep and alerting you to the presence of dangerously loud noise levels; plus, they can help you to effectively boost your fitness, which is a must for any keen footballer. Here’s how. 

Fitness features of the Apple Watch

Apple prides itself on the Apple Watch’s emphasis on health and fitness, and the device is packed with features that can help you to keep in top shape. The exact features you have will vary according to the model, so take that into account when deciding which Apple Watch to buy.

One method you can try is using the heart rate tracker to monitor your pulse during workouts and adjust the intensity of your exercise as appropriate. As a bonus, this feature will also warn you if your heart rate becomes unusually high or low, or develops an abnormal rhythm. To ensure that you maintain your activity levels throughout the day, your Apple Watch can also track how long you are sedentary for and vibrate to remind you to get up and move around if you stay still for too long.

You can also use your smartwatch to keep track of your runs and bike rides, including data such as speed, distance and pace. Seeing as you can also sync it to your headphones via Bluetooth, this means no more having to bring your phone with you while you work out. For extra motivation, you can set up challenges against friends to see who logs the most activity in a week.

The Playr app

When it comes to football specifically, the main app that’s out there at the moment is Playr. This combines the app and your Apple Watch with a GPS tracker and a special vest you wear to collect data on your performance during football training. It then offers you personalized advice on how you can improve your skills. 

The stats it tracks include the total distance you’ve covered as well as your sprint distance, plus your top speed and power plays. You can view this midway through practice with a glance at your watch screen, or review it after training is over. This helps you to understand exactly how well you’re performing every session.

Playr uses the data it gathers to then help you improve your game. It does this through football drills recommended just for you, as well as personalized recovery tips. This enables you to put what you’ve learned into action. In addition, if your teammates get Playr, you can add an extra element of competition by seeing how you measure up against each other, and setting targets to beat.

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