5 Creative Client Gift Ideas to Appreciate your Client

Gift Ideas for Clients

Gift giving nowadays is a common gesture in every relation. It’s a way to make someone happy. Gifts are always welcome specially if you put in some extra effort in creatively choosing the gift. Adding some personal touches here and there will make any gift more endearing.

When it comes to building good relationships with clients you should always show gratitude through carefully curated gifts that will signify good intentions. This is a surefire way of expressing your appreciation towards your clients. Special occasions such as birthdays and holidays are opportunities to send out gifts to your clients. But no matter what kind of occasion, your gifts should represent the perfect balance between being professional and creative as well. Your gifts must present a lasting impression which would reflect your good business side.

Here are some suggestions for your next creative gifts for clients:

1. Coffee theme gifts

Have you noticed that coffee is usually associated with meetings? Coffee drinkers know that coffee has benefits and any one who drinks coffee would appreciate a gift related to this popular ‘perk me up’ staple beverage. What’s nice about giving coffee is that it is a safe and gender-neutral gift. You can creatively curate a coffee gift box that includes a personalize mug and a special roasted coffee variety. Each time that your client will take a sip of coffee, he will be reminded of you. Isn’t that clever?

2. Gourmet food collection

Whether your client has a sweet tooth or simply enjoy spicy dishes, a well curated gourmet food gift basket will surely hit the sweet spot. Think about a box filled with bottles of specialty spices. How about a collection of gourmet cheeses or a basketful of gourmet cookies-yum! Make your food gift choices unique and special.

3. Daily office gadget necessities

Your client spends more time at his office whether in front of his laptop or beside his mobile phone. A handy top quality power bank will be highly appreciated or a cute collection of uniquely designed USB stick will always come in handy.

4. Gifts for the adventurists

If you already have a deeper level of relationship with your client, you will know by this time what outdoor activities your client is into. If you learned that he loves biking then better give gifts associated with his passion. For those who love the outdoors, camping gear accessories will be ideal while those into birdwatching would love to have a new binocular.

5. Say it with a hand written thank you notes or cards

Personalized notes and cards with heartfelt messages will always warm the heart of any receiver. This may be a simple way of expressing your sincere appreciation for your client but the nostalgia that comes with any handwritten note says it all!

If you take time to find the best client gifts, it not only shows you care for the person, the group or their brand, but it can also be a smart business move. When you send gifts to your clients, it also keeps you top-of-mind thus helping generate more business and referrals in the future.

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