Simple Peace of Mind: When to Use an At-Home Paternity Test Kit

Paternity Test Kit

If you are concerned about who the father of your child is, there are a few easy ways that you can put an end to the debate. By establishing paternity, you can determine child custody and earn child support payments. Not to mention, establishing paternity is the only way that you can ensure that your child bonds with their biological father as they grow up—if you are on good terms with the father of your child, you can even co-parent and provide a strong and stable foundation for raising your child.

But how do you use an at-home paternity test kit? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a lab to do genetic testing to establish paternity in a court of law, sometimes you simply want to know the answer of who the father of your child is for your own benefit. Instead of having to go through a lengthy procedure and send it to a lab, you can do the procedure from the comfort of your own home – this is a good choice for those who have hectic schedules, need to save some money, and need to use results in a court of law.

Let’s find out all the details of how to use an at-home paternity test kit, where you can buy one, and the benefits of using this type of procedure vs. in-lab testing, reach out to Test Me DNA to find out more info.

Where can I buy the at-home paternity test kit?

Luckily for you, the paternity test kit is available in many stores online and in person. You can even purchase the paternity test kit from stores and drugstores such as Walgreens, CVS, and other medical-based online shops to easily and quickly buy the test. After you purchase the test, you can expect the delivery to come right to your front door! Don’t worry about having to go pick it up at a mailroom or a postal collection point—they can deliver right to your door. Are you worried about spending a fortune on your at-home paternity test kit? Don’t be—you can purchase a test kit from drugstores for around $30 on the high end!

How do I use the paternity test kit?

Fortunately, using the paternity test kit is as easy as you can get! If you are confused as to how to use the test, don’t worry— it comes with plenty of instructions on the package and in writing. The home paternity test kit is easy to use, painless, and fast—all you have to do is use the provided cheek swab to get a collection from the inside of your mouth. After you have done this, place the cotton swab inside of the provided tube—that’s the last step! All you have to do now is send the sample in the mail to the lab and wait for the results.

Benefits of the home paternity test kit

Why should I choose this kit? It is flexible, reliable, versatile, and easy to use—avoid having to go to a lab and do this from the comfort of your own home.


Should I use an in-clinic test or an at-home paternity test kit? If you want to have money and time, choose the latter option!

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