How to Customise Pictures With Custom Frames

Custom Picture Frame

Photographs are delicate, and the harmful effects of the surroundings where the owners stored them can damage the only living memories. Nowadays, people hardly hold on to hard copies of their special memories. Most of them are in the cloud storage of their gadgets.

But how about those images printed two or three decades ago? Grandma and pops would still want to keep them safe. Hence, it is wise to learn a few tricks on properly displaying and preserving antique photographs using custom picture frames.

Frame Them

Initially, people would choose to take it out from the photo album and frame them, which is not a good idea. Pick out the ones that should go to the wall or those that should be on the table. Get their sizes and go online, find some custom picture frames that best suit the area’s theme. If it’s in the living room, frames with woodworks are something to consider. If they go on the bedroom walls, choose those with thinner frames for more subtlety.

Use a Thicker Rabbet

A thicker frame’s rabbet gives more space to accommodate the photo, backing, and cover. Depending on the preference, some use a thicker cover or a unique material for the frame. Sometimes framing pictures can work by adding extra trinkets on them. That’s when a thick frame “suitcase” comes in handy. Others choose the shadow box frames because they have wide rabbets, and they add depth to the wall decor. Hence, it doesn’t look too plain on the wall.

Choose The Right Mat Board

Not everyone uses mat boards on their frame. However, the old pictures tend to appear lifeless because the image quality may not be as advanced as it is today. Adding mat boards to the frame improves the decorative aesthetic. Make sure that the material and colour of the mat board complement the hues on the photo or something that will make the image stand out instead of overpowering it with too strong shades. The common archival types use a cotton rag with wood-based face papers. For a museum-quality kind, choose cotton rag mat boards with no face papers.

Keep It Snug With The Right Frame Hardware

Even when there are trinkets added to the photo, it needs hardware to keep everything in place. Most wood frames already have the necessary hardware to secure everything. The flexible tabs are those that go to the frame’s back. But keep in mind that these tabs take up some of the rabbet space. On the other hand, spring clips remove the rabbet’s space on metal frames to keep the photo nice and fit. These don’t come installed to the frame, so remember to get some when using metal frames.

Print The Most Memorable Photos

Choose the best pictures and use custom picture frames to store them. The rest, simply scan and leave it in the cloud storage. Remember, they are essential to anyone because they are excellent reminders of irreplaceable memories. Storing the new ones is easy; preserving the old ones requires a bit of time and effort. Regardless of how the owner stores them, they have to be in a place where they can last for a long time.

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