Home Improvement: 6 Trending Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in 2020

home improvement kitchen remodeling

Home improvement is a billion-dollar industry as homeowners love to spend their money on home improvement. Every passing year, the trends in the home improvement industry change as everyone wants a unique décor in his kitchen or bathroom. If you want to start your new year with everything new in all parts of life, what better way than giving your home an entirely new look.

If you are short of budget, instead of remodeling your entire home, you can just update your kitchen and bathrooms as these are your best play areas where you can really bring a change with your innovative ideas.

The kitchen is one part of your home that is no more hidden at the back of the house. In this digital era, it, in fact, has taken a more social role. In addition to cooking and washing dishes, you can have a quality time with your family members on your kitchen table. If you are planning for kitchen remodeling in Weston FL or planning to update the look of your bathroom, have a look at these six trending remodeling ideas.

Make Your Kitchen Smart

Your fancy gadgets and appliances are no more limited to your rooms only, but you can have a strong presence of technology in your kitchen too. These days, you can completely transform your kitchen into a smart one by installing everything that is technology-driven from faucets to the fridge and lighting. The same goes for your bathroom. Many people today are designing their kitchen on the evolving concept of having a smart kitchen. If you want to enlist your name among those, consider installing sensors and smart gadgets in your bathroom and kitchen.

Design It Closer To Nature

Design It Closer To Nature

There have been so many researches regarding human nature. Humans feel more comfortable, calmer and happier when they are closer to nature. Throughout 2019, we witnessed that people preferred creating biophilic designs in their kitchens and bathrooms. This year, in 2020, you would hear the word sustainability times and again. If you are environmentally conscious, choose green materials for designing your kitchen and bathroom. All you have to do is show your affinity towards nature and this you can show by choosing recycled materials, efficient lighting and more greenery.

Update The Cabinetry

If you are concerned about limiting your kitchen remodelling cost, then we would suggest you to updating the design of the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom and the whole look will be transformed that too in your budget. Even though you made some funky updates that were expensive too, but if there is no utility there is no point in spending this much money. For bathrooms, adding floating cabinetry is the best update especially if you are looking for more storage.

Add New Countertops

Adding countertops in your kitchen is a well thought out investment as they can make or break your kitchen. Before you hire a remodeler for designing countertops, make sure you have researched the market well. Quartz is the top pick of homeowners these days. However, if you don’t want to install quartz countertops, marble and granite are two other options. We would not suggest you go over the top and spend a lot of money on updating or adding new countertops.

Spend Your Money In Space Saving Solutions

In this exponentially growing era of urbanization, living in spacious homes has just become a dream. If you are also facing this issue of spacing, you can easily find a designer who can design for you many space-saving solutions. You can make your small kitchen or bathroom more utilitarian if you take advantage of their innovative ideas. For instance, if you are short of space, it would be good to ditch the bathtub and consider installing an open shower. In the same way, you can enhance your kitchen storage by installing roll-out trays and caddies for pans.

Update To Ceramic Tiling

Update To Ceramic Tiling

Until last year, more and more people were choosing hardwood flooring for their kitchens and bathrooms. Though it remains the shining star and helps you get your kitchen more attention by onlookers, with the rise of 2020, we have also observed the trend of ceramic tiles rising. We would recommend you update the flooring of your kitchen into ceramic tiles if you want to install a material that is easy to maintain. The best thing about ceramic tiles is they are designed to mimic any look. Even if you want to retain that hardwood look, you can get that too in ceramic.

Final Thoughts!

The kitchen remodeling that we have covered in this article can work for anyone. If you want to enjoy the latest configuration, smart appliances and easy to use cabinetry, make sure that you incorporate these ideas in your next home remodeling project.

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  1. When you mentioned getting new countertops as a good start to a kitchen remodeling project, I remembered my aunt once telling me she loved her new kitchen ever since she got stone countertops. She even took pictures of her putting a hot pot on top of the countertop without it being damaged or discolored. Once I find a kitchen remodeling service in my area, I’ll make sure I ask them about what countertops these might be.

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