Top 10 Torrent Download Sites and Torrentmovies Searched Worldwide

Top 10 Torrent Download Sites and Torrentmovies Searched Worldwide

We have enough standard media streaming services available at hand. However, all of us might not be willing to spend too many bucks on such streaming services. Sometimes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all other rentals and services might not be enough to meet all of our needs. And that is where torrenting comes in.

By all means, you must have heard the terms torrent, torrent download, torrent search engine or related terms like torrentmovies somewhere, or at least seen it on various websites. So, let’s talk about the basic definition of torrenting or a torrent.

To Learn about Torrents in this Article:

What is a torrent?

The term “torrent” refers to a file (computer file) that consists of metadata holding different information regarding the files and folders that need to be distributed and also a list of the network location of trackers, that help participants in the system to find one another to form efficient distribution groups known as “swarms”. Torrent files can be identified by the extension “.torrent” but it does not include the real content that needs to be distributed.

The information, contained in a torrent file, is in turn used by a BitTorrent software like uTorrent, BitTorrent or Transmission for the actual distribution and that is necessary to allow users to easily download torrent files.

How do Torrents work?

A torrent file is a key file required to start downloading the real content. If you want such a shared file (such as movies, music, documents, books and more), then you need to obtain its corresponding torrent file from any torrent websites or torrent search engines like torrentz2, The Pirate Bay, Utorrent web, TorrentDownloads, etc. This can be done by downloading the corresponding .torrent file directly or through a magnet link.

Then, a BitTorrent software like uTorrent (uTorrent Web), BitTorrent, etc. is required to open this link or file. First, the BitTorrent software scans your torrent file or link, then it would find the locations of seeders that are sharing the corresponding file. To do the same, it attempts to connect to a list of defined trackers (which can be obtained from the torrent file metadata) and then, attempt a direct connection. If the attempt is successful, the appropriate content will begin to be transferred.

PS: You can download your torrent file in fragments because, in reality, you are just downloading bits of pieces of the entire content that will be later reassembled when all the pieces are received.

How to Download Movies via Torrents?

You might not be willing to spend money on movies and instead, get it all for free. Hence, we would be teaching you now, how to download movies via torrents.

1st step: Choose a Torrent Client

This is the most important part. You could use the best operating system and your OS would still not be able to ‘recognize’ and open the torrent files or link. And that’s where the third-party clients come into play.

There is plenty of torrent software such as uTorrent/uTorrent Web, BitTorrent, etc. but you need to pick the one that would meet your requirements.

Once, you have picked a torrent client, download it and install it on your computer.

2nd step: Find Torrent File Link

Now, you need a torrent movie file or link. Here’s how you would find torrent files on the web. There is a huge collection of torrent search engines like torrentmovies, torrent downloads,, etc., that offer free movies.

Type the name of the movie you need in the search box of a torrent search engine and it will give you results. You will receive a massive list of torrent files and by default, these are organized by the number of seeders. You need to pay attention to this figure because the torrents with the maximum number of seeders are the “healthiest” or the best. This means that your movie will get downloaded as fast as possible. If you choose the one with less number of seeders, then your file won’t get downloaded at the optimum speed.

Now, download the torrent file and open it on your computer using a BitTorrent software like Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc. You will be asked the location where you want the file to be downloaded. Select it and then this application will connect to the seeders and initiate the downloading process.

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Top 10 Torrent Websites to Download Movies

Here is the list of top torrent websites that would help you to download movies for free.

1. is the best list of all free torrent sites gathered in one place. All of the sites are safe to use and sorted by quality. You can read in-depth reviews of every site listed. Here you can find more than 170 most popular torrent sites worldwide. has a great design and many categories, where everyone can find something for himself. No matter what you are looking for, you can search by different genres, like games, music, movies, TV shows, anime, and many others. There is a piece for even a most demanding users. You won’t be disappointed!

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 7.2 MB/s.


2. The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most popular torrent search engines all over the world. It has evaded several shutdowns and blocks. The VIP/ Trusted user tags will let you know which torrents are safe and legitimate for downloading.

The Pirate Bay had been founded in 2003 and has turned out to be one of the most trustworthy sites for torrent downloads over the years. This website has millions of torrent movies available in various genres with support of magnet links and a simple enough interface that is beginner-friendly.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 6.2 MB/s.

thepiratebay, the pirate bay

3. 1337x

1337x is such a torrent search engine that will offer you a torrent you’ll end up loving even when you are not sure what you are looking for. The credit goes to its simple yet organized interface. The website has lately gone through a huge rework and that has improved its layout besides eliminating some concerning security risks.

1337x has become one of the most loved and popular torrent trackers all over the world. So much that even Google hides it from its search results.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 4.2 MB/s


4. Rarbg

RARBG is the best torrent search engine for beginners. It has an active community at present and lots of seeders available. There is a huge range of new and old torrent downloads available here. They also display the top 10 lists for torrentmovies, music, and other torrent downloads in different categories.

RARBG has been serving torrent downloads ever since 2008. It is reputed for providing high-quality torrentdownloads and is very easy to use. Hence, as a result, it has been blocked in several countries like Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, and the US. A VPN for torrenting will help you get past such blocks.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 6.1 MB/s


5. is the perfect torrent search engine if you are looking for classic and hard-to-find movies. This is the best to download torrentmovies for users with limited bandwidth problems. It is also pretty easy to browse content here. has the highest number of visitors now and has hence, become the leading torrent search engine by replacing the pirate bay. is a torrent search engine exclusively for movies. You will find a massive collection of torrentmovies here and that makes it a favorite among movie enthusiasts. However, does not offer torrentdownloads in any other category. So, you will have to go to another site for games, TV shows or music.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 3.2 MB/s, ytsmx

6. Lime torrents

Lime torrents have a tidy and friendly interface. Most of the torrent downloads are from bigger and better trackers. The user experience here is outstanding due to the simple and well-organized layout. The new and popular releases will have lots of seeders and better, faster download speed. But the older torrents are usually forgotten and last. Lime torrents should be your backup torrent search engine if your first choice is down.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 3.7 MB/s 


7. Torlock

Torlock houses a huge list of torrent downloads with amazing user experience. Some of the torrentmovies available here are difficult to find on other torrent search engines. It has a wide range of ongoing animes, movies, ebooks, shows, and music torrents. The interface of torlock is neat and they procure a list of top 100 torrentdownloads that will help you choose the best content. Torlock houses over 4.8 million torrents to choose from.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 4.4 MB/s


8. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the new version of the very popular Torrentz website. The original site’s minimalist interface has been kept intact and there is a heavy focus on music. You will find decade-old torrent downloads on this torrent search engine with many seeders.

Torrentz2 is such a torrent search engine that combines results from various search engines. This means that you can look for torrents from various torrent sites, like, RARBG, The Pirate Bay, etc. This is a great place for getting music torrentdownloads.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 2 MB/s


9. Zooqle

Zooqle houses a collection of more than 37k movies, 600 TV shows, and plenty of games. Now, this is an impressive record for a site that’s this new to the torrenting world.

The overall interface is decently strong and the torrent site is easy to handle and use. Zooqle is moving in the right direction and will become even better in the future.

Official Website:

The average speed of download: 2.6 MB/s


10. Torrent9

Torrent9 is a French torrent downloading site and it features a wide range of movies, audio content, software, and TV shows. It has about 24 million monthly users and has a global rank of 944. The website has a user-friendly interface and also a detailed description for every single torrent listed. Thus, it will enable you to easily identify fake torrents from authentic ones.

Official Website:


11. Comando Torrent

This is a Portuguese torrent website that provides movies in several different resolutions like 720p, 1080p, 3D and so on. ComandoTorrent has a massive collection of torrents of series, movies, anime, and more. You will get all the latest movie torrents on comandotorrent. You would not have to face any pop-ups and ads here.

ComandoTorrent provides all details about the movie file you want to download along with its different versions and more. You will get torrents like coringa torrent, vingadores ultimato torrent, vingadores ultimato torrent magnet and more here.

Official Website:

Comando Torrent, comandotorrents

Top 10 Torrentmovies Searched Worldwide

  1. Joker Torrent (Coringa Torrent)

The Oscar-winning movie that won everybody’s heart, Joker deserves to be on this list. Everybody must be looking for a Joker torrent (Portuguese: Coringa Torrent) and you can easily get it on torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, TorrentDownloads, etc. If you are looking for Coringa Torrent then head over to

2. Avengers: Endgame Torrent (vingadores ultimato torrent)

Before Joker came into the picture, Avengers: Endgame was the highest-grossing movie of all time. It is quite likely that everybody must have been dying to get a torrent for Avengers: Endgame (or vingadores ultimato torrent, vingadores ultimato torrent magnet).

3. Download Dil Bechara Full Movie in HD 720p

Dil Bechara wants us to believe in the idea of enjoying now and live an eternity in the allotted time we have on earth as mortal beings, the movie like it’s Hollywood brethren ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ which is in turn made on a book. What the New York Times called a blend of Melancholy, Sweet, Philosophical, a smartly crafted explosion of romance like another critic said.  Click here to Download Dil Bechara Full Movie in HD 720p

4. Terminator: Dark Fate Torrent 

Terminator: Dark Fate has not been a box office hit despite bringing back the original Sarah Connor. However, BitTorrent users made it into a torrent success.

5. Captain Marvel Torrent (capitã marvel torrent)

Yet another Marvel movie. The world is surely crazy for Marvel movies and here is the proof. This is the very first female-lead superhero movie to gross over $1 billion worldwide. It is predictable enough that Captain Marvel torrent has been one of the most downloaded torrent movies.

6. Parasite Torrent

One of the best movies of all time, the well-deserving Oscar winner Parasite is still on in theatres but that wouldn’t stop users from torrenting it. Parasite torrent is probably on every torrent user’s computers since this movie is far more brilliant than words could ever describe.

7. Ford v Ferrari Torrent

A film about Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

8. Aquaman Torrent

Aquaman is the 5th highest-grossing film of 2018 and the 20th of all time. With that being said, it would have been a surprise if Aquaman torrent was not one of the most downloaded torrentmovies.

9. Jojo Rabbit Torrent

We have another Oscar-winning film on the list, Jojo Rabbit. The Nazi comedy film is amazing and funny enough to be downloaded again and again.

10. Avengers: Infinity War Torrent (Avengers Endgame Torrent)

You have Avengers: Endgame, then you are very likely to have would have Avengers: Infinity War torrent on your computer.

11. Frozen II Torrent

Frozen II is a movie that has leveled up animation effects for people. Everybody would likely be looking for this excellent animation film.

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Some more Top Searched Torrentmovies:

  • Shazam Torrent

Another DC superhero movie on the list! Shazam is an action-packed comedy movie that won hearts. Thousands of fans have searched for Shazam torrents on various torrent search engines and have made it one of the most downloaded torrents.

  • John Wick 3 Torrent

John Wick 3 is a Keanu Reeves starring action thriller, third in the John Wick movie series. Like its predecessors, John Wick 3 torrent is also highly sought after and continues to be in demand ever since its release.

Click Here to Download Gully Boy Full Movie on Pagalworld in HD 720p 

  • Game Of Thrones 8 Temporada Torrent

Game of Thrones is one of the highest-rated series of all time. It has broken most of the records and won millions of hearts worldwide. It is no surprise that Game of Thrones torrent (2011 to 2019) is one of the most searched torrents all over the world.

Notice:It is strictly not recommended to view or download torrents include copyrighted or other legally protected content, you could face serious fines or other legal action. Viewing, downloading, exhibiting or duplicating an illicit copy of the contents under this URL is punishable as an offense under the laws of India, including but not limited to under sections 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Copyright Act, 1957 which prescribe imprisonment as well as the fine. Content in this article is for informational purposes only.

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