How to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Facebook Feed Embed

With the growing craze of social media feeds on the website, Facebook is the dominating platform among all. 

As Facebook is a pool of vibrant content created by millions of users, it is a perfect platform to collect unique and creative content to embed on your website. 

From testimonials, feedback, recommendation, reviews, to images, videos, and gif, you will get all types of content from a single platform known as Facebook. 

These are trustworthy and authentic content to display on the website as it increases your audience trust in your brand as it is created by the users instead of the website or any professional. 

So how do embed Facebook feed on your website? The simple answer is with the Facebook Widget

If you are looking for the solution to insert Facebook Feeds on your website, then give this blog a good read and choose one tool that you want to use for your website. 

5 Best Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website

#1 Tagembed

Tagembed, also known as social media aggregator, is a popular tool for embedding social media feeds on the website in a code-free and smooth functioning manner. 

Tagembed offers various social media channels, among which Facebook is the widely used social media platform by many websites. 

You can gather, curate, design, and display Facebook feeds with Tagembed in the seamless procedure and embed on your website with a single. 

You will get the option to collect Facebook posts from your Facebook Page, Album, Reviews, Mentions, or Profile Posts by connecting your Facebook account. 

Tagembed offers you a responsive and light Facebook Widget that enhances attractive looking Facebook content on your website without disturbing the alignment of your website on other devices. 

One of the amazing benefits of Tagembed is that it offers you the best plans that are budget-friendly or if you want to use the free Facebook widget, then it offers you a free plan with which you can display the Facebook feed on the website for a lifetime. 

#2 Snapwidget

Snapwidget offers various features and functionalities to embed Facebook Feed Widget on the website in a contemporary fashion.  

It is an effective tool to add Facebook Widget by integrating various images, videos, etc. in a single unified screen. 

It offers various themes and styles to beautifully embed the Facebook widget on the website that attracts your website visitors. 

With Snapwidget you will get features to customize your feeds into beautiful designs and layout that perfectly matches with your website design. 

Furthermore, it also offers you a smooth integration of your Facebook Widget with different CMS platforms like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc. 

#3 Elfsight

Another tool with which you can collect Facebook content and embed them into your website is Elfisght. 

It is a powerful tool to gather all Facebook posts on a single screen and customize them into beautiful themes and layout styles. 

Elfsight also offers you an easy resizable social media widget through which you can adjust the width and height of Facebook post in your desired size. 

Not only this, but several other customization options are also available like change font, colour, layout, and design styles that enhance the look & feel of your website widget. 

#4 SociableKIT

It is a Facebook content aggregation plugin that allows you to collect and display charming Facebook posts on your website in an easy integration procedure. 

With this plugin, you can embed Facebook Feed on your website that has been built with different CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. 

It’s features and functionalities help in improving the appearance of your Facebook Widget with various customization options. 

This tool easily helps you to get your website sociable with Facebook content by offering you the functionality to embed Facebook feed with a single click option. 

#5 EmbedSocial

Another tool that might help you reach your Facebook Feeds embedding goal in a cost-effective and effortless way is with EmbedSocial. 

It helps you create an attractive Facebook feed widget that embellishes your website with users created social media content. 

EmbedSocial is an economical solution for embedding Facebook Feeds on your website to embed a beautiful social media wall creatively. 

Themes, layout designs, templates, and other classification will add more value to your curated Facebook page content. 

Furthermore, you can also combine social media posts from various other social media sources in a single Facebook widget screen to add more glamour to your website.


Facebook feed will add value to your website content that builds trust and serves authentic content to your audience. 

Facebook is a pool of enormous user-generated content that you can use on your website without investing a single penny in the creation of content. 

Facebook feeds like reviews, testimonials, recommendations, mention posts, user’s images, or videos are compelling content that will help in growing your business and create a strong customer base with your website.

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