Things that we Miss During the Lockdown (thought we wouldn’t)

Things that we miss during the lockdown

So I am back with yet another topic and today we are going to discuss what the things that we miss during this lockdown are. There are many things that we miss and not able to do during this lockdown. But for sure it is very much important for our health and for the upcoming generation to be well all of us need to stay at home. Whatsoever might have changed ever since the lockdown began there is one thing that has changed for short and that is our routine Ariel it used to be a busy day at work cooking talking working now it’s more like relaxing eating a bit of junk food and just enjoying the time that we have got at home and of course, this lockdown has given all of us time to rethink about professional goals about our personal life and some time to breathe. Now let’s look at those things that we’ve to miss during this lockdown-

1)  Hosting a party

Who doesn’t love to party? The new generation coming up Is 10 years ahead of what we used to be and they also love partying. And let us just say that we all love hosting a party, especially women. And whenever there is a party to be hosted it’s just an environment of a lot of friend’s family people and food color gifts everything is combined. Just say that this is one of those things that from now on will have to wait to be hosted and we will don’t know until then. After all, it was these gatherings and getting together and the party that brought us closer to the people and of course also gave us time to gossip over everything.  You can order cake online in Bangalore or any other city with the government giving more relaxation so maybe you could have a small party with your next-door neighbors.

2) Hanging out with friends

Let us just say that there was a tea or coffee shop or a stall that you loved visiting every morning and evening to have your tea and coffee if you were not to make it at home. However, we all know that post lockdown these things are going to be different.  And we loved to just order Cakes Online from a nearby coffee shop and up in a blanket, enjoy a beautiful movie with your friends and just celebrate our life with them. This is yet another thing that we are locked down for. We can have tea and coffee video calls with them but it’s not just as satisfying as it is to meet in person.

3) Weekend getaways

Who doesn’t love traveling? But it’s just so that this lockdown and coronavirus both have brought an end to any travel geek. and whether it belongs international holiday or a nearby gateway to a resort or a hill station camping trip or anything like a weekend getaway that you and your family loved have been put down because of lockdown full stop and this is one thing that we all love doing and that is just going out from the world that we live into something else. And of course, there is one thing that you can buy for your anniversary and that is anniversary flowers & roses or maybe know that you are at home you good bro one for your wife or husband.

4) Freedom

Freedom is one of the most important things and letters to say that all of us miss our freedom and from now on maybe until the next 2 to 3 years our life might be the same. The lockdown has completely brought an end to freedom earlier we would roam about freely in any country or own City colony house but now we have to be sure that where did we exactly know what it was under the fact that cleaning your hands and house are going to be daily chores. Earlier new hard freedom to go out and eat, the promising party is by a host and hostess but now maybe this year for your anniversary it’s just going to be wedding anniversary flowers along with your husband or wife and home-cooked or ordered meals.

5) Work and Work desk

maybe you are a Capricorn or you are not still in both cases like they are missing work or maybe they might be doing their work even from a home and many are working from home and not just Capricorn people. and this is one of those things that we absolutely on missing during the slope down and we don’t even know is it going to be the same does again or would it just work from home for a longer time than desk just gave us a good vibe, happy birthday flower bouquet on our birthday and we have seen everything in this time on that one desk and at our workplace. But let’s just say that if we want to keep our work and work desk it is important that we stay at home for a while.

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