5 Best Online Plagiarism Checkers for Teachers and Students

Online Plagiarism Checker

The checking of plagiarism is very important in different cases like in educational life for students, teachers, for webmasters, as well as for the writers.

Checking plagiarism manually can be difficult because of very little accuracy as well as more time consumption. We can say that the manual checking of plagiarism is impossible.

However, thanks to the technology that has enabled the ease to check the plagiarism in your content within seconds with more accuracy.

There are hundreds of plagiarism checkers available over the internet. Before discussing these plagiarism checkers, let’s know what is plagiarism and why it should be checked!

What is plagiarism & why it needs to be checked?

Plagiarism is to copy someone else content and use it on your website or any other platform without permission or citation.

In today’s world, detecting plagiarism is not a big task because different online tools are capable of detecting duplicate content with moments.

Search engines especially Google always hate plagiarism and if they found plagiarism in the content of your website, they usually penalize the website.

If you don’t check the plagiarism in your content then there are chances that you would get consequences from the search engine or the original author.

There are many cases where the original author sends the notice to the website which copied their content. On the other side, when plagiarism is found, Google sends that side in the least pages for ranking, and this way, your SEO efforts are no more functional.

Below, we have listed some of the best tools for checking the plagiarism in your content.

1.  Grammarly

Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is famous because of its amazing grammar checker and most of the content writers and webmasters use their tool for checking their errors in the web post.

However, recently, Grammarly also launched the plagiarism checker which is amazing to use. Below we have mentioned some of the features of this plagiarism checker:

  • It checks the plagiarism by comparing all the sentences as they compare with 16 billion web pages.
  • It also checks the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, and sentence structure when you check plagiarism.
  • It tells the ratio of original vs plagiarized content and this way; you can remove the plagiarism through editing it.
  • You can paste or upload the file directly to the tool to check the plagiarism.

2.  Prepostseo

Prepostseo Online Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo is one of the famous websites that offer 100+ tools for SEO and content optimization. One of their famous and most efficient tools is a plagiarism checker.

The plagiarism checker is free to use but with some restrictions but through buying the membership, you get access to more of the features.

Below are some of the features of this tool:

  • This tool checks plagiarism sentence by sentence with billion of web pages.
  • You can paste the content into the tool or you can directly upload the file in different formats.
  • You can upload the document in pdf, txt, doc, or Docx formats.
  • This tool provides the option of excluding the source through URL.
  • This tool offers its checking in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Russian, German, and many others.
  • The Deep search helps to compare the plagiarized content and tell the source from where its copied.
  • The tool is capable of scanning the descriptions and social media posts to match your content.
  • Along with checking for plagiarism, this website also tells the word count and readability score of the content you pasted.
  • In the recent update, this tool also allows you to cite or paraphrase the plagiarized content to make it unique.

This tool allows scanning the content of up to 1000 words for free while you can easily get unlimited words scanning in the premium version of this tool.

3.  Quetext

Quetext Online Plagiarism Checker

One of another popular and amazing plagiarism checkers is Quetext which is not free but still it provides an amazing experience.

This tool offers a trial for just $0.99 for three days but through membership, you can extend the period and word count.

The Quetext scans the whole internet to match your content with any other source. The tool is much efficient but it takes too much to scan the content.

Here are some of the feature of this amazing plagiarism checker:

  • It provides security to your content by not saving it in their database
  • It makes the user alert when an important citation is not provided in the content
  • The accuracy of Quetext is very amazing and it’s much better than many of the other tools
  • It tells the source of matching along with the percentage for the amount of content copied
  • It also features a deep search to all the content for matching the plagiarism
  • The report is automatically saved in your account and you can view it later
  • You can also download the report in PDF
  • This tool also offers the exclusion of the URL

4.  Copyscape

Copyscape Online Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape is another well-known plagiarism checker that deals in finding the source of the original content as compare to your content.

This tool is not free instead you need to buy the membership and that’s affordable.

Copyscape is quite popular because of its fast working as well as an amazing user interface. Remember, the cityscape doesn’t offer free access even the trial version.

This website is offering the WordPress plugin that checks the content without coming to the tool and pasting.

5.  Plagaware

Plagaware Online Plagiarism Checker

One other tool for checking plagiarism in your content is Plagaware which works online. The plagaware is not a free tool but you can enjoy the trial for 30 days without any payment.

You just need to sign up on the website and start using the tool for scanning the plagiarism.

This tool is efficient but it doesn’t allow you to paste the content instead you can just upload the file directly to the tool.

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