Explore Expert Tips for Physical Therapy Clinics to Create Better Instagram Posts

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Instagram is the destination to head for if you are looking to update anything associated with health and fitness. Physical therapists focus on assisting people in living a superior quality of life. They have a never-ending thirst for learning from the brightest and the best. Instagram is a popular and robust platform that comes up with a unique, visual-centric way of interacting with your patients. Physical therapists could use videos and pictures for flaunting their practice and interacting with their patients. You could use videos and pictures to present a peep into their professional lives. These behind-the-scene pictures and videos must show physical therapists performing their job.

Smart Instagram Tips for Physical Therapy Clinics

Instagram is a marketing and sales-oriented social medium platform hence; you need to, first of all, think social. Avoid being excessively promotional in terms of your Instagram posts. Instagram is predominantly about branding. You must, therefore, focus your attention on building awareness and boosting your Physiotherapy clinic and services.

Physical Therapy Clinics

  • Do not forget to tag people as tagging could be an amazing way of motivating others to interact and connect with you. However, if you are thinking of tagging patients you need to seek their written consent.
  • You must remember that it is important to add location. You must add specifically your office to convince your target audience that you are running a real business. Adding a precise location is all about boosting credibility.
  • Always focus on using appropriate hashtags for all your posts. While identifying the right hashtag, you must think in terms of a couple of factors such as volume and relevance. Use hashtags that are used by many people. There is no point in creating a unique hashtag because that would not boost engagement. Many digital businesses buy Instagram followers and likes to boost overall engagement.
  • Flaunting your employees would really help. Physical therapy is supposed to be a service involving some real, educated, well-trained, dynamic people. When you showcase facts about your employees it would be adding an element of human touch and incorporating a human face into your clinic’s overall image and brand.
  • Showing off all your services could spell success. You must talk about your precise services. Most people are not aware of what physical therapy is all about. This could be a fantastic way of educating your target audience and expanding mindshare very much within your community.
  • Demonstrate patient results in your posts as that could be an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the value and efficacy of your physical therapy services. You could consider using apt before-and-after pictures and fascinating patient success stories to boost your brand and enhance your Instagram posts. However, to be on the safe side, always remember to seek client permission and consent.
  • Provide some useful DIY tips to provide great value to your Instagram audience. Provide precise DIY tips that are relevant to your perfect patient demographic. Not only this provides value, but it also boosts professional credibility and authenticity. Your physiotherapy account on Instagram would be regarded as an authority in this specific healthcare sector. You must focus on educating your audience about various aspects of physical therapy. You may come up with exercise, self-management tips, etc.
  • Always focus on using video for maximizing engagement. You must be precise and to the point. You merely have around three to five seconds for capturing audience attention or else they would simply scroll past you. Remember video is king and you need to keep them really sweet and short. Use the power of Instagram videos to your advantage.  You must add variety to all your video posts so that your audience would be asking for more. It is best to have more than just a single admin for ensuring your video content’s versatility. Remember creativity is your asset.

Top Physical Therapy Instagram Accounts

As per Webmd, physical therapy is known to be a wise choice if someone is suffering from long-term or chronic pain or any injuries. Physical therapy could go a long way in making the patient feel a lot stronger and it could help him in moving and feeling better. Let us explore some of the best physical therapy Instagram Accounts to keep you motivated.

The Prehab Guys

If you are looking for some interesting exercise variation demos, you could find inspiration from The Prehab Guys. They keep posting a plethora of low and high-intensity workouts. Moreover, every Insta post is accompanied by a vivid description and detailed explanation regarding the science acting behind every movement.

The Barbell Physio

The Barbell Physio is phenomenally popular among fitness freaks and health-conscious people and it is used to posting frequently some high-intensity athletic workout demonstrations. These demonstrations come along with a useful injury prevention advice for rectifying common conditioning missteps.

Impact Sports Physical Therapy

Impact Sports Physical Therapy is a truly inspirational physical therapy Instagram account that demonstrates patients in the process of performing certain beneficial sport-specific rehabilitation workouts. These videos are quite fascinating and they grip audience attention as exercises are often performed by patients post-surgery.


Physical therapy Instagram accounts on Instagram must attract audience attention and must convey to the audience clearly about their mission. Physical therapists treat pain by identifying the root cause and eliminating it. Instagram posts intend to build your physical therapy clinic’s brand. Keep posting consistently to boost engagement and brand awareness and get more people interested in what your clinic does. This would not happen overnight. You must focus on a smart content marketing stratagem that is based on consistency over time for boosting your clinic’s brand image.

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