What are the Benefits of Installing CCTV Security Cameras?

CCTV Security Cameras

One of the affordable security methods to install in your house is the CCTV security cameras. The cameras are not only easy to maintain, but they have durable lenses that are readily available. So, if you are looking for an affordable and simple security system, it is one of the most popular installations still in demand for years. CCTV security cameras are the best for residential uses. Some of the significant benefits of installing security cameras are as follows:

Keep an Eye on Outsiders

When you are inside your house, especially alone, many unknown people may knock the door. Earlier, life was easy when you did not think twice about opening the main door. But with the increase of crime, no matter if its daytime and nighttime, the requirement of an eye hole has been overtaken by the CCTV security cameras. So, with the LED placed inside connected with the camera lens outside, you can easily find out who is at your door. If you find any sign of danger, you can call for help from your neighbors or the police.

The Activities Inside and Outside Your House

Another benefit of the camera placed inside your house is watching passersby. Perhaps you want to know about the whole day’s activity of your maid or the kids. At this moment your concern and worries will be reduced to a far extent, as with the help of the apps installed on your mobile or PC you can find out and know all details sitting back in your place. On the other hand, the house members are also alert and control their activities.

Unauthorized Activity

If the CCTV security cameras are installed at the entrances or the openings of the door of a house, chances of unknown people to enter the property are possible. In such cases, if any unauthorized activity takes place such as stealing or tampering of the garden. Maybe any mischievous activities of ringing at the calling bells all such incidents can be easily detected by the CCTV camera.

Applicable for External and Internal Areas

CCTV security cameras should be at the entrances for both interior and exterior parts or in the vicinity of the areas to the open spaces are difficult. Use it at the familiar places and personal places depending upon the requirements of the security and alert.

Type of The CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras

The next thing to consider is the types of CCTV security cameras currently present in the market. Based on these types, the shape and the features of the camera will vary. Here is a list of the most common CCTV camera types that you can find:

  1. Dome cameras are mainly used when you want to be discreet since it is tough to detect the lens’s direction.
  2. Bullet cameras are meant for outdoors, thanks to their waterproof casing.
  3. Night vision cameras are essential for dark places.
  4. C-mount cameras are perfect for altering the range of the vision.
  5. Day/night cameras are needed for explicit videos during both the day and the night.
  6. Network CCTV cameras can transmit the videos over the internet, irrespective of the location of the receiver.

Where to Place the CCTV Camera?

CCTV cameras are compulsory in a few of the areas to provide better information and security to the house owners. The places to install the cameras are as follows.

#1. Open areas

Front space with entrances, side spaces, and the rear areas, all the spaces should have at least one camera. But based on the spam and visibility throughout the property, the number of cameras should be added. Generally larger spans require two cameras if the visibility obstructions are seen.

#2. Carpark

Basement and the car park areas are the most critical zone. So, the cameras are generally placed on the ceiling. As it is mostly a public place, different people and drivers with cars are seen, so it is useful to place it in the car park areas.

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#3. Lift

Both Lift and driveways should be covered by the vicinity of the CCTV security cameras in order to reduce and control the movements of the burglars.

#4. Common areas

Common areas, apart from lifts the staircase at each floor should have a camera so that any theft or crime can be avoided.

CCTV security cameras should always be kept under maintenance to avoid the interference of the surveillance. Always hire a technician for CCTV security camera on a contract basis for the regular maintenance of the cameras.

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