Two Reasons You Need to Use a Scaffold


Before starting any major construction, one of the first things builders consider is the Scaffold. Although it is temporary, scaffolding is a necessary component as it not only provides safety to the workers but also efficiency. However, you cannot just connect a bunch of pipes, lay down some plywood, and call it a Scaffold. The importance of scaffolding is so great that there are government regulations for it. You even need a government licence if you want to work with scaffolding. Thus, if you have a construction project, be a house, a commercial building, or even a low-rise wall, choosing the right Scaffolding company is key to safety and success.


Construction is a hazardous profession. Workers handle heavy materials, such as metals and wood. They also work at dangerous heights. If you have a multi-storey building, you have to bring these heavy materials to the top floors. The workers can fall, and so do the materials they handle. Falls and getting struck by falling debris are some of the top hazards in construction. Scaffolding aims to address these issues. Proper scaffolding allows workers to do their jobs with a lower risk of falling. Moreover, if an unfortunate falling event occurs, be a worker or material, scaffolding also includes safety nets to catch it. Thus, one of the top purposes of a Scaffold is safety.

To fulfil this safety purpose, the scaffolding material must be strong enough to withstand everyone‘s weights and everything that will go on it. Durability is also a must. Although scaffolding is only temporary, if you are building a skyscraper, the construction itself can take years. Thus, your Scaffold must also last long enough so that you do not have to replace it often. Besides the construction activities, you also have to consider environmental conditions. Winds and storms will test the reliability of your Scaffold, so it must also be able to withstand those.


Working on the interiors of a building is easy, but working on the exteriors is daunting. Imagine installing a window on the hundredth floor. You would not want to do it while dangling from a harness and pulley. This situation is also not exclusive to construction workers. Cleaning crews must also expose themselves to dangerous heights to access whatever they have to clean. Thus, besides safety, scaffolding also gives workers access to dangerous and even awkward positions. This feature is even more important if the building has an asymmetrical or non-traditional architecture, such as the Sydney Opera House. With proper coordination with the architect, you can set up a scaffolding that can freely and confidently allow workers to walk around the exteriors of your construction project and safely access everything.

The same is true for a low-rise project. Sure, you can use a ladder to reach the second floor of a house, but what if you need to move to the side? The workers must climb down the ladder, move it to the side, and climb up again to continue their work. All of these will only cause delays. With a proper Scaffold, your workers can simply walk to the side.

Whatever you may build, scaffolding is an essential part of the project. Not only will it keep your workers safe, but it will also allow them to do their jobs more efficiently and confidently.

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