Tips for Shooting an Awesome Wedding Video

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography starts with the camera. After filming the essential parts of the marriage, nothing can be altered or re-shot. There are no rehearsals for some moments. You have to film the first kiss, and I do without a mess, as there are no re-dos.

Cinematic techniques are preferred for shooting the wedding video to enhance their story. During shooting, the pressure will be more for the couple and the cameraman.

Here are some tips to overcome this situation and film memorable wedding videos.

Tip 1: Get the right gear

For shooting the best wedding video, you need a good camera and accessories. You should be aware of the venue, is it indoor or outdoor? Is it a day wedding or a night wedding? Choose the camera and the camera lens accordingly as the outcome of the video depends on it.

There are four pieces of equipment that you need to have for shooting cinematic wedding videography.

  • Camera body
  • Stabilizer
  • Lens
  • Microphone
  • Light equipment

Different fps will help capture light differently, so before the ceremony, check the surroundings and shoot a demo video to check how to adjust settings and light accordingly.  This will help you provide the dreamy wedding look for capturing the bride and groom’s every moment with good autofocus and colors. Color can be matched later in the color grading to the mood of the venue, but video captured with a natural feel is best for editing. If you can get a camera with a 4000-pixel resolution, it will be great as it has autofocus ability and highlights your object away from the background and foreground.

Make sure to use a lens that can adjust as per location, people, light setting, and the mood you want the video in.

Stabilizers are equally essential for any wedding as they rotate 360 degrees to deliver the desired filming effects.

A Perfect audio shares half the videography. All you need is a standard, small, simple, and easy to use the microphone to record all the audio.

Remember: your skills are more important than the camera. So be confident and shoot the video with the essential elements.

Apart from these, you may need ND filters, memory cards, and a hard drive. 

Tip 2: Plan and win

People believe the videographers more to present their everlasting memories with complete excitement in a more presentable way. They are expected not to miss anything in the video. To achieve it, videographers must plan with the couple and know their expectations. Almost everything present in the venue like lighting, chairs, cake, food, place, and clothing are hand-picked by the couple, so you must not miss even a single detail. So talk to the couple and get a clear picturesque from their words and bring it to reality. It also reduces the stress from your head. Always ask the client what they would want in the video, so you don’t miss out on their wishes; after all, it’s their wedding day. 

Tip 3: What is the Focal length?

Choosing the right focal length is more important for shooting a video. If you want to capture the face of the bride, don’t get closer to the bride, it will make them feel tensed and embarrassed, leading to awkward footage. Instead, shoot from a distance and increase the focal length; this will not affect the picture and quality of the video. Use drones for shooting the locations, bride arrival, and couple departure. 

Tip 4: Foreground or Background?

Use proper foreground and background for shooting the videos. Try to use layers for filming your video to create depth and a three-dimensional view. A good background and foreground will give life to the subject and make it pop on the screen. Try using leading lines like pillars or fences as the background for a more natural look. You need to capture a wedding venue too, as it’s where the wedding took place, and it holds sentimental value. 

Tip 5: Explore the details

A wedding is all about details. When the bride and groom are busy in making their best moments of life, you must tell them the things highlighted in the event. Step in earlier to the venue and look for elements that are part of the event. Make sure to capture the expressions of their parents, relatives, the little kids playing, and friends, the cake cutting ceremony, and most importantly, when the couple says “I Do.”

The guests’ arrival, their funny moments, and hospitality provided at the venue are some other details the couple expects to see in their wedding video, like the flowers, the decor, their parents, etc. So try to explore as much as possible. 

Tip 6: Raw data

It is always good to have full-length raw footage of the venue. It is not possible to capture all the glimpses of the marriage, but you can recreate some with the raw footage. Sometimes photos can be used in videos for enhanced effects.

Using a photo video maker, you can bring out a new look to some moments like the dressing up of the bride and groom, the reception dance, the expression of the bride and groom during their first meet, and so on. 

Tip 7: Lights

Most videographers fail to use light properly. Videography is all about shooting the picture with natural light and artificial light. For a candlelight dinner, you cannot use bright lights for photography or videography.

You must bring up a solution to achieve your visual goals as a team. Make sure to use lights in the background and foreground that suit well with the occasion. It is always advisable to use adjustable lights for shooting the video.

Lighting effects are a game-changer in the wedding. Lights manipulate the story, so the first thing in the video is to manage the lights. You can always darken the footage, but it’s next to impossible to lighten up dark footage, and wedding videos are bright. 

Tip 8: Edit (in mind) while you shoot

Think like an editor while shooting the marriage. Try to capture special moments in several angles with two or more cameras, so that you can show the best part of their life more memorably. It will help you to save your money and time.

Use video collage makers and express their special moments in terms of photos and short videos. Showing the bride and groom’s parents’ expression as photos amidst I do’s will be more lively in the video. 

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Final Words

A wedding is all about memories and emotions, and you cannot create anything artificial to bring the effect: Quality lenses, filters, and lights for enhancing the picture quality. Perfect lenses capture emotional moments more promptly than other techniques. It will help you get involved in the story at all angles.

Single-lens choice, practical lighting, and better camera movements will produce the best wedding story. You can make the audience a part of the video by using it in the right proportion.

If you are still not confident, follow the bride. There is no marriage without a bride.

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