The Best Board Games for Every Age

Board Games

Board games are timeless fun that doesn’t require electricity or an internet connection. They are wholesome entertainment for the entire family that helps to build generational bonding. But some games are geared specifically for certain age groups so we’ll touch on a board game that reaches those demographics.


Checkers is a two-person board game that is nearly 5,000 years old! The pieces move diagonally across the checkerboard, with the ability to jump and capture the opponent’s pieces. This game teaches children strategy and a gateway to more advanced trivia board games like chess.

Another classic game that’s great for ages 3+ is Chutes and Ladders. It’s all fun until the chutes send you back, but the first to 100 wins! This game is great to help with counting and coordination with navigating a fun board.


Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935. Indeed, there is a reason why this game has been around for so long. There is luck, strategy, investing, and consequences built into this board game. Pay with Monopoly money to buy property, build hotels, and collect rent. The pain of bankruptcy is real. Why not give the teens a taste of real-world pain?

Pictionary is a great way for teens to stay occupied. It’s a take on charades – with drawing. Two teams are tasked with guessing the answer to the drawn clue before the clock runs out. Of course, this game is appropriate for all ages, from youngsters to seniors – even if the pictures might be cringe-worthy.


Cards Against Humanity kickstarter back in 2011 and became all the rage among adults who love a good laugh using fill-in-the-blank cards using words and phrases that could be considered quite risque or politically incorrect. It’s not for the easily offended but a great way to have a little rowdy fun with your friends.

The more adult version of Pictionary is Drawing Without Dignity. It has the same concept except the clues might be a little crass and definitely not for the faint of heart. But hey, if you’re already playing Cards Against Humanity, this is an excellent choice for laughter and fun.


Boom Again is a great option for seniors and those who love them. This board game has over 2200 trivia cards that tease the memories of yore. The cards have topics such as music, news, things from school, and the things that were seen from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Time to make a trip down memory lane. Prepare for right answers, wrong answers, a lot of laughing, and maybe some singing. You never know.

Hive is an easy game to learn but difficult to master, according to their site. Connect the tiles to surround the opponent’s queen in this bug-themed board game. It’s a great strategic board game like Chess or GO.

Board games have been building relationships and fostering good-time memories for generations. Of course, most all-ages games are fun for the entire family, but games like Boom Again and Drawing Without Dignity are reserved for a more mature audience. Have fun!

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