Smart Blackout Shades: Why Should You Invest in blackout blinds?

Smart Blackout Shades

Windows make up a huge part of a home interior. Whenever one thinks about a window the first thing that comes to mind is light. A window gives way to natural light to illuminate the house interior and adds more aesthetic appeal to the interior design.

Window treatments are used to improve the functionality of the window and to bring in more style. The natural light is not welcome at all hours of the day. Our preferences for the lit hours change from season to season.

Window treatments or blinds offer us control. We can manage the intensity and duration of incoming light. One great option is to install Remote Blackout Shades in Palos Verdes CA. There are several other options when it comes to choosing a window treatment but there are three main types.

The types are discussed below and they can be used to alter the environment in your home acc. to your will.

Three Main Types of Window Treatments

The shades are categorized according to their effect over the incoming light.

1. Light Filtering Shades

As the name indicates light filtering shades let some light in. These windows treatment avoid up to 95% of the sunlight and glow from the street lamps.

2. Room Darkening Shades

Room darkening shades are designed to block most of the light. The fabric cut out approximately 95-99% of light. They are suitable for people who do not like complete darkness.

3. Blackout Shades

If you want complete darkness, blackout shades are the go-to option. They block virtually 100% of brightness. Special materials are designed to achieve the darkness. You may not see pitch black darkness but it blocks the maximum possible light rays.

They have been used in Northern parts of the world, more importantly, European countries like Sweden and Norway. These areas experience almost six months of sun-lit nights. Blackout shades enable people to have sound sleep even when the sun is up.

What Are Smart Blackout Shades?

The conventional blinds Shades need to be operated manually. Technology has blessed us with smart blinds. The Smart Blackout Shades are motorized and they can be controlled through a Smartphone or remote. This is about basic design. You can find various versions with bells, whistles, and tech galore.

You will not have to wonder about which string to pull. Moreover, you will not have to feel the embarrassment of being not tall enough for your blinds. When the shades stop treating you well, the time has come to invest your money in smart Blackout shades.

The following are some more reasons to install Somfy Blackout Shades in Palos Verdes CA.

Advantages of Smart Blackout Shades

1. Energy Savings

With better control over the light and heat coming from the windows you can make your home energy efficient. In summers your HVAC systems have to work hard to provide you the thermal comfort especially if the windows are losing the cold to the environment.

Smart Blinds in Palos Verdes CA help you keep your house cool during the hot months of the year.

2. Comfort and Convenience

Just as it is previously explained you will not have to worry about pulling the right string. You can operate the blinds while you sit on the sofa. Though the manual is not one of the most difficult things, you do spend a lot of time spreading in and out of the blinds.

The Smart Blackout Shades allow you to set a particular time for shades they will cover your windows at the set time. It is quite convenient and saves a lot of time.

3. UV Protection

One of the main reasons homeowners invest in window treatments is to protect the furniture, wooden floors and artwork in the home.

uv protection at home

The sunlight has damaging UV rays that can affect all the above-mentioned things even when the window is closed. Blackout shades protect your property and loved ones against UV rays.

4. Safety

Strangling accidents are quite common in households with kids. Eliminate the risk of window string strangling by switching to Smart Blackout Shades.

Another great advantage is safety from the intruders. When you are out of your home, the only effective way to discourage the intruders is making your home appear as occupied.

The smart blinds enable you to raise and lower the shades at preset times and it appears that residents are in the home. This appearance saves your home against invaders quite effectively.

Add the cost of installing Remote Shades in Palos Verdes CA in the security budget of your home or commercial building and you will never regret it.

5. Aesthetics

There are no unsightly cords to ruin the sleek look of your windows. The smart blinds add a wow factor to your home. You can synchronize the raising and lowering of the blinds across the windows to bring in the tech-oomph in your home.

Fabrics with open weaves are used to make aesthetically appealing shades. They preserve the beautiful views outside while you enjoy the privacy in the home. Window treatments can be a great element to design your home with a unique style statement.

6. Healthy Sleep

When the days get longer in the summer sunlight can interfere with your sleep hours. Smart blackout shades let you have a deep sleep without any disturbances. The blinds are known to reduce the incoming noise so it’s a plus point too! If you have skylights consider buying Skylight Shades in Palos Verdes CA.

When you get healthy sleep, you will wake up according to your schedule more likely. A fresh mind is essential for high productivity levels. When you begin the day in the right spirits, time management is way easier.

Should You Invest Money in Smart Blackout Shades?

A lot of homeowners fear the costs of smart shades. After reading all these benefits, it is clear that smart Blackout blinds are worth every penny spent on buying and installing them.

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