How To Make Frozen Dessert At Home Like A Pro

Frozen Dessert -Ice Creme

Ice cream is one of the best summer treats. Most people love taking ice cream when enjoying the cool afternoon breeze or when strolling the beach. Ice cream is rich in nutrients and serves as a tasty dessert and though many people love it only a few know how to make it. Well, here’s a guide on how to make frozen dessert at home like a pro.

Why Is Homemade Ice Cream Different?

Ice cream, also known as frozen dessert, is sweeter when healthy. Different methods are used to make ice cream. Quite a number of these methods do not deliver healthy treats. To be sure that you are snacking on healthy deserts, you need to learn how to make your desserts at home.

In addition to having healthy treats, making your frozen desserts at home gives you the opportunity to customize the ice cream flavors. You can always recreate the flavors to your favorite choice. This means that you can make all types of ice cream at home.

The beauty of make frozen desserts at home is that you actually do not necessarily need to have an ice cream maker. There are many ways to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. You can learn tricks and tips of making ice cream without an ice cream machine.

What Determines The Quality Of Homemade Frozen Desserts?

The Ingredients

Ice cream quality is highly dependent on the ingredients. For a healthy treat, you may opt to go for organic cream. Milk may also be used. Some people use free range eggs to improve the quality of their ice cream. all you need to do is ensure that all the ingredients are fresh.

Ensure that you have the highest quality ingredients. This includes flavorings such as chocolate and vanilla. Real vanilla or vanilla beans will make the best ice cream compared to synthetic flavors.

Timing Of Ingredients

Timing is very important in the ice cream making process. You need to know the exact time or point when you should be adding each and every ingredient. Case in point, extracts or alcohol should only be added as soon as the custard is completely cooked and cooled. If added when the custard is still hot, the flavorings will be destroyed and won’t deliver the desired results.

Fats And Calories

Ice cream is defied by the high fat content. This content helps in the creation of a creamy texture. The fat and calorie content ensures that the ice cream does not get gritty in the freezer.

Custard Chilling

The secret behind tasty ice cream treats is the custard. The frozen desert quality will highly depend on how you handle the custard. If the recipe involves heating or cooking the custard, ensure that you let it cool. If possible, let it sit in the fridge for some hours.

Cooling the custard facilitates proper aeration. This aeration is very essential in the making of smooth and creamy frozen desserts.

Ice Cream Bowl Freezing

Most of the domestic ice cream makers, see the best here, are minimalistic. These are the makers whose bowls need to be frozen before the ice cream making process. There are a number of automatic makers that do not require pre-freezing but a good number will require you to freeze the bowl hours before starting making the desserts.

How To Make Homemade Frozen Dessert

Whether you are using an ice cream maker or making your ice cream in a bag, ice cream making needs to be fun packed. Whatever the route you take, the basics remain constant. This means that you will need sugar, milk and flavorings as the bare minimum. More ingredients will be needed depending on the type of ice cream you want to make and the frozen dessert making method followed.

Frozen Dessert Recipe


  • Whole milk (2 cups)
  • Sugar (3/4 cup)
  • Heavy cream (1 cup)
  • Vanilla (2 teaspoons)

How To Make The Ice Cream

In a huge bowl, mix the sugar and milk. Ensure that all the sugar has dissolved. A wooden spoon will do the job just fine. If you do not have the time you can use a hand-held mixer. The mixer should be on low speed.

Let the mixture sit for five (5) minutes. Sugar takes longer to dissolve in cold milk. Once all the sugar is dissolved, add your cream. continue stirring using the mixer on low speed. Remember that the intention here is not making whipped cream thus do not make the mistake of running the mixer on high speed.

Add the vanilla. It is recommended that you only add one teaspoon of the vanilla. Its needless to add too much of it. The cream is already tasty even in the absence of the vanilla.

Freeze the ice cream mixture. Unlike in most recipes, we do not recommend freezing in the bowl used to mix the ingredients. Instead, we recommend transferring the mixture into another container.

Let the mixture sit in the freezer for about 10-20 minutes. Check to see if the edges have started to freeze. Mix the freezing edge into the rest of the mixture. Ensure that you maintain a keen eye on the mixture. When its almost frozen all the way, pour the ice cream mixture into the ice cream maker.

Wait until when the mixture turns from liquid and starts piling up on the mixer. Pour it in the container you intend to store it in.

Your ice cream is now ready and can be frozen for later use. If you can’t wait overnight to have a taste of the frozen dessert, scrap off the thin frozen layer of the cream on the ice cream maker surface. A rubber spatula will do the job.


There are many ways of making frozen dessert. What we have detailed here is the simplest way out especially for beginners. If it’s the first time that you are making ice cream at home, this guide will help you make tasty treats that everyone in the family will enjoy.

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