Does Papa John’s Have Vegetarian Lunch Options?

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For all you vegetarians out there, it can be tough finding a lunch you can eat on the fly. Maybe you’re in a new town on a business trip and don’t know where a good vegetarian lunch is. Never fear, Papa John’s is here. They have vegetarian lunch menu items that will make you happy, guaranteed. So the next time you search for “lunch options near me,” pick the Papa John’s closest to you and lunch will be on its way soon.

You can choose from the following vegetarian options:

  • Meatless Specialty pizzas, such as Extra Cheesy Alfredo, Fresh Spinach and Tomato Alfredo, and Garden Fresh
  • Create your own vegetarian Papadia flatbread sandwich
  • Jalapeño Popper Rolls, Garlic Knots, and Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks
  • All the desserts, including Cinnamon Pull Aparts and Double Chocolate Chip Brownies

They Also Have Some of the Best Pizza Lunch Specials

There’s nothing better than a fresh, hot pizza for lunch. It’s a good thing for you that Papa John’s has amazing pizza lunch specials that can satisfy every craving. Enjoy seasonal favorites, like the super-filling Double Cheeseburger pizza. You can also enjoy regional specialties that are popular in local areas, such as the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza.

Double up on the bargains with a lunchtime combo special. Try pizza and wings or get the pizza, chicken side, and drink combo. Both your appetite and your wallet will thank you. And of course there is something for gamers, too. If you’re spending your Saturday afternoon with friends playing an MMOG, Papa John’s has the Fuel of Gamers Bundle with two Papadias and two Mountain Dews. That should take you through a few more online adventures.

Why Papa John’s has Some of the Best Pizza Deals

Why does Papa John’s do it? Because they want you to eat well and be happy. They know what it’s like to be hungry for good food. They take pride in providing the highest quality ingredients at excellent prices. In addition to the best pizza deals in the business, you can sign up for Papa Rewards. It’s quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Papa John’s online website and create an account and sign up for Papa Rewards.
  2. Order food using either the app, the website, or the phone.
  3. Earn one point for every dollar that you spend on food.
  4. Receive $10 in Papa Dough for every 75 points you earned.
  5. Cash in your Papa Dough by using it to purchase any menu item.

In addition to earning free food, you can sign up for email or text special offers. They give you access to exclusive discounts on combos, pizzas, and other items. Just go to Papa John’s website to learn more about all the great deals they offer their loyal customers.

If It’s Papa John’s, It’s Good

Best of all, you know that if your lunch came from Papa John’s, it’s going to be good. They stand behind their food and guarantee the quality. Hmmmm. Sounds like it’s time for pizza.

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