4 Benefits of Vegan Supplements

Vegan Supplements

Almost everyone has a vegan friend. Their conviction shows in the way they react to animal cruelty and exploitation, and their obvious shift in food choices. Most of them are passionate about their beliefs and will try to encourage other people to do the same diet and lifestyle as they have. These are the reasons why there are a wide demand and market for healthier vegan supplements. The add-ons to the food intake of a person have proven beneficial in more ways than one.

The way of life of a vegan usually starts with stopping meat-eating habits, but there is so much more. Veganism is a combination of three things – health, ethics, and the environment. Most people who choose to go vegetarian believe that plant-based food and practices reduce the risk of certain illnesses – heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer. The belief of freedom while living is also an ethical consciousness that vegans like to uphold. It then leads to avoidance of animal-based consumption, which lessens the agriculture of animal impact. Therefore, the use of vegan supplements benefits people for the following reasons.


A decade ago, most non-vegans believed that protein could only be obtained from poultry, fish, or meats. But nowadays, there are a lot of plant by-products rich in essential protein and minerals. Beans, whole grains, and legumes are filled with protein. Most of them are also high in iron and iodine. Some have a sufficient amount of calcium, such as tofu, juices, cereals, and soy milk. These are the reasons why most vegans consider the lifestyle a healthier one compared to their meat-eating days.

Builds muscle and aids in weight loss

Protein is the most important component of muscle building, especially when you do strength training. Leucine and lysine are two of the proteins necessary for the growth of muscles and prevents loss of function. Without it, all of your efforts at the gym are meaningless. And a high protein intake can keep you full since it reduces your appetite and craving when it is not the time for a full meal yet.

Helps in proper digestion

When your digestive system is working properly, your body eliminates toxins from the body while getting the nutrients it needs for proper performance. And when it is performing optimally, it makes one feel more energetic, alive, and alert. Plant-based enzymes such as bromelain, papain, and betaine HCI are supplements that reduce the symptoms of digestive problems like gas, bloating, heartburn, acidic reflux, and inflammation.

Animal-free supplements

All vegans do not like the thought of eating anything related to animals. Unfortunately, not all ingestible products are free from animal by-products. Even commercial-made supplements and medicine are made with fillers like gelatin (made from animal skin or bones), glycerin (animal fat), and caprylic acid (coating or filler from milk.) Collagen and chondroitin are used for pain relief and treatment, but it is mostly found in the skin, cartilage, and connective tissues of certain animals.

Also, some animals are pumped with antibiotics and synthetic vitamins to ensure that they live longer. Residual amounts of these medications can be transmitted to the capsule once retrieved from the animal host. So, it is a good thing that all vegan supplements are animal by-product free.

Health is a primary concern of vegans. Fortunately, plant-based options are now available for the safety of both veteran and novice vegetarians.

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