How to Deal With a Motor Vehicle Collision Case?

Vehicle Collision

One of the most common fears every individual has is being in an unexpected motor vehicle accident. Death, physical injuries, lifetime disabilities, trauma, other mental anguishes, and financial losses can result from a motor vehicle collision. More so, one of the most heartbreaking and maddening situations in accidents is when it is caused by the negligence of another person.

Everyone has a duty of care towards other people. Each of us is obligated to keep others safe by not causing anything that could lead to their harm. This duty can be overlooked when one becomes negligent. In a motor vehicle collision case, the other person’s negligence can be identified as driving while intoxicated or knowing the vehicle needs to be repaired or checked for maintenance yet shrugs it off later leading to car defects.

Although we can never put a price on these sufferings, we can still ask for full compensation for these losses. Demanding compensation from the accused person can be done by filing a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are filed when an individual believes that another person should be held accountable for the injuries, damages, and losses he or she had incurred due to an accident, defective product, premise liability, and such that are caused by another’s negligence. Compensation will be granted once you are able to prove that the negligence is the direct cause of your injuries and losses.

When do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer with my Motor Vehicle Collision Case?

It is important to know that once you have been in an accident and you inform your insurance company, their own team of lawyers immediately starts investigating your claim, which is why you also have to seek legal counsel right away. Filing a personal injury claim may not be an easy win which is why you need to hire the right lawyer who can build you a strong case of your claim and can work well with you. Stokes Stemle, LLC – Personal Injury Attorneys may be what you need.

More so, after the accident, you may want to call a lawyer immediately to investigate the scene for you, acquire evidence on-site, get testimonials from eyewitnesses, gather photos and videos, and request a copy of the police report of your motor vehicle collision. After investigating and gathering evidence, your personal injury lawyer will now be able to determine how the accused person had become negligent and how he/she can prove this claim.

If insurance companies refuse to grant you a fair offer on the settlement or compensation, your personal injury lawyer will now have to turn to the person that must be held accountable for you to receive the compensation for all the financial losses you have incurred from the accident. He/she will prepare the pleadings, the complaint which comprises the legal arguments proving the negligence of the defendant, and all other legal documents needed. Once this proceeds into a trial, your personal injury lawyer will represent you in court.

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  1. Notate all information from everyone involved in the accident, such as contact and insurance. If there are any witnesses, request to take down their contact information as well.

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