Explore Five Common Objections against SEO to Clear Your Misconceptions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether you are running an e-commerce store, local business, or a small service organization, it is of critical importance to focus on boosting overall organic presence and site traffic. With marketing and promotion budgets being at an all-time low since they have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, it becomes pretty challenging to advocate in favor of SEO and to justify how valuable it is for small struggling businesses. You would often come across some common objections against SEO. Let us discuss some of them and how to effectively counter those objections with fact-based, well-researched, and smart responses.

Objection 1: SEO Doesn’t Seem to Work

Several people are of the opinion that due to constant modifications and alterations in search engine algorithms and a host of developments in the marketing industry online, search engine optimization techniques and strategies do not seem to work any longer. However, nothing could be more misleading than this. Several SEO tactics could play a pivotal role in helping a website accomplish higher SERP rankings and boost its traffic. You must read dedicated SEO publications for keeping track of the latest SEO developments and precisely what really works or what never seems to work and also, for gaining valuable insights into your specific industry.

Objection 2: Other Channels Are Driving Far More Conversions or Traffic

Often marketers feel that other channels like social media, PPC, etc. are driving far more conversions and traffic hence, these platforms are much better in comparison to SEO. Here I would be discussing different ways to respond depending on:

Remember Success Follows Investment

Always keep in mind that investment is followed by success. As per MOZ, in the event, you are devoting a tremendous amount of money, time, and even talent to your social and PPC endeavors; it is quite possible that you are dedicating the necessary time and effort on boosting organic ranking. You simply neglect SEO hence; other channels are bound to be more successful. You need to remember that nothing including SEO can be inherently successful but your success is the result of the effort and time you have dedicated to the job.

Every Platform Serves a Diverse Purpose

Every channel or platform exists for serving a precise purpose of its own. Social media platforms are mainly for boosting social engagement as compared to driving conversions. Social media is meant to broaden your audience. SEO is relatively more on top and middle of the funnel endeavors. It is great for conversions.

Objection 3: Organic Traffic Would Not Be Driving the Right Type of Traffic

Several businesses feel that organic traffic is not able to drive potential leads. However, they are very much mistaken. SEO focuses on content and keywords. The focus is very much on identifying search terms that users would be using on the search engines like Bing and Google. Once you succeed in identifying the right search terms, your searchers would surely be potential clients or customers for your services and products.

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Once you have determined the right keywords, you need to focus your attention on content creation. You must generate engaging and relevant content to draw the audience attention. Once you create content that your target audience regards as valuable, you would surely get repeat customers. Returning readers could imply potential leads that you must essentially focus your attention on for converting.

Objection 4: The SEO Process Is Excessively Lengthy

SEO is an effective process that could prove advantageous to your business if done in a correct manner. If you are having a proficient marketing team and an SEO expert who could handle the technical aspect of SEO, you could witness your content going up the ladder much quicker than expected. Since the success of SEO is attributed to boosting your overall audience organically, the process could prove to be somewhat long and time-consuming to a certain extent. However, organic growth could be an amazing way of building business since it reduces marketing expenses and you simply need to devote some time. You may seek expert Local SEO Services by Social Market Way to make sure that you are able to take advantage of the skill and knowledge of somebody who has SEO expertise and understands fully the technical aspect of SEO.

SEO is not to be treated as a growth hack and thus, do not expect instant results. Do not expect magical growth, revenue, and conversions. Give it some time if you wish to reap the benefits of SEO. SEO seems to be more methodology as compared to tactic. It must be embedded and ingrained into each and everything you seem to be doing so that over a period of time, you could rest assured to accomplish sustained and consistent growth.

Objection 5: Its ROI Cannot Be Measured

Several senior managers would not be investing in SEO since they feel that they cannot witness ROI by doing search engine optimization. Some feel that they are not able to predict ROI while others feel that ROI cannot be measured. As far as, prediction of ROI is concerned, it is a fact that it is quite challenging to forecast ROI if you seem to be a startup or a new organization with negligible traffic. However, if you seem to be a thriving and established organization, you could place certain measures strategically to predict ROI.

Utilizing tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you are able to determine the pages that your target audience is clicking on or precisely what content is getting the highest rankings or volume of clicks every month. Using this valuable data, it becomes easier for you to determine precisely what content your target audience seems to be interested in. The tools could help you to identify the pages where you could advertise your unique content so that they could attract more clicks. These cutting-edge tools could help in the measurement of ROI base.

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Remember you simply cannot undermine the pivotal role played by SEO. Content is still very much the king. Several organizations worldwide are still using SEO as an effective way of building their organic traffic. Even though implementing SEO strategy could prove to be time-consuming, your business could enjoy reaping the benefits in the long run.

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