Reasons why Instagram is so Successful in Driving Traffic to Fashion Sites

Why Instagram Is So Successful In Driving Traffic To Fashion Sites

Instagram platform plays a significant role in fashion brands in driving more traffic to their site, creating more awareness for the brand, and help them to gain more traction and engagement among the users.

Instagram, therefore, paves the way to success for fashion brands, and there are lots of reasons for several fashion companies to invest their time and effort on Instagram marketing. This is because Instagram helps the brands in different ways, such as:

  • It sets the trends
  • It boosts sales and
  • It provides the desired force to tap new markets and audiences.

The photos and videos posted on this platform prove to be the best way to promote any lifestyle product. This is because this platform provides the brands with the two most essential elements required by them. These are:

  • Appealing visuals of the product and
  • Community dimension.

This helps the brands to create a sense of belonging to a group among the users. Influencer marketing and shoppable posts can make it easy for fashion brands to showcase their products on Instagram. This helps them to:

  • Overcome the challenges to reach their products to their target audience
  • Beat the competition and
  • Create a more fashion-focused strategy to reach to their goals fast.

If stars and celebrities are involved in the promotion, then the users try to imitate them, influencing their purchase decisions. In fact, according to the reports of Conversation and Lyst, products used by celebrities happen to be the most potent Instagram tool to influence the type of product they will choose to buy online.

The Tips to Follow

To get the best out of Instagram and get free Instagram likes, here are a few tips that will help you significantly in your social strategy.

  • Use the best photos of fashion shows and your products to make your target audience more knowledgeable
  • Allow then to have a sneak peek behind the scenes and the people involved in your business
  • Connect with your audience providing instant access to the latest trends in fashion
  • Add some personality in your products to make it exclusive.

You must make it a point to fill the feeds of your Instagram followers with the latest products and launches so that you can drive sales.

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Create a Killer Instagram Strategy

You can increase your sales only if you create and follow a killer Instagram strategy. This strategy will help you to meet the requirements of the algorithm and filter the content automatically depending on the users that follow you.

Make sure that you have different criteria in your strategy, including:

  • The type of photos and videos to post on the platform
  • Considering the recency factor
  • Using the analytics to find out what types of posts are usually seen by the audience and
  • Analyze the performance of your Instagram posts.

This will ensure that your posts are exposed to a larger set of audience and increase your organic reach. Do not include too much stuff so that people are confused and do not watch it. Focus on creating a unique point of view, know the reasons for posting, and create a foundation to tell your story. A strong strategy and ingenuity will build better and quicker brand awareness.

Dynamics of Instagram Marketing

You will also need to understand the Instagram dynamics to boost your sales and reach a larger audience with your fashion products. This knowledge will help significantly to drive more traffic to your fashion site.

First, you will need to know who are the people you are marketing for. Knowledge of your audience is a critical step in Instagram marketing, irrespective of the genre. This will enable you to create content that will be beautiful as well as attract the audience. Therefore, know whether or not they will buy your product and do they really have the potential to help you build your fashion brand.

Next, you should know and use different analytical tools to uncover more valuable insights about Instagram marketing. One of the best tools to use is Instagram insights. This advanced tool will help you to interact with your audience knowing about different valuable things such as:

  • The reach
  • The impressions
  • The number of clicks on your website
  • The follower activity
  • The video views and saves.

You will also know about the details of the demographic, which will enable you to know the source of the followers.

Follow a #Hashtag Strategy

You must use proper and popular hashtags to ensure you are seen in the digital landscape. You should use hashtags depending on your goals and after proper research. Your hashtag research should include:

  • Looking for relevant and popular topics
  • Knowing the right type of keywords to use in it
  • Scanning the search results of the hashtags you wish to include
  • Noting the hashtag trends that you can use in your future posts
  • Knowing and avoiding using overused hashtags and
  • Using long-tails hashtags that the audience may be looking for.

This will ensure more targeted engagement, more views, and higher footfall on your website. The bottom line is to use hashtags most strategically, whether you use three or thirty hashtags as permitted.

In a nutshell

The use of Instagram by fashion brands has helped them significantly to increase their online presence and sales. This is because Insta-fashion has changed the way people shop nowadays. Shoppers today are savvier, and Instagram has provided them with a window to display their product and creative skill.

The best part of Instagram presence is that the users can peruse the product display in a frequency that they may usually get in a local shop. This has made Instagram the go-to platform, where people stop for a while to see what is new. If you can gain their attention within that small time-window, they will view your Story and visit your website to know more about your product.

Just make sure that you add a link or a Call to Action so that they are directed towards your website from the platform itself. This will increase your website traffic faster.

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