A Guide to Planning your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Any expectant lady has gone through a rough patch during pregnancy. As a way to celebrate her resilience as her maternity call approaches, a baby shower is an excellent place to start. Pink girls dresses for the baby can also bring up happy emotions and the urge to be a mother. However, what goes into preparing a simple but memorable baby shower?

What to Consider when planning a baby shower

The baby’s gender

It helps a lot since the colour theme of the event can either be blue (boy) or pink (girl). Some even use it as a way of revealing the baby’s gender. Alternatively, they can create a blend of the two colours, or a neutral colour such as white.


Since the event is discrete and the only invitees are friends, the location should be intimate. It also should be a haven that either rekindles your friendship or a dream destination for the mother-to-be. However, it should not be far from home since it shouldn’t subject her to intense movements.

The parent’s schedule

Although the event is not meant for men, the father of the baby should be aware. He can help prepare her, especially if the baby shower is a surprise. Also, he can help her with the ideal clothing and even drive her to the venue. This can only be possible if the event is on a weekend when they are both free.

What she really wants

Every woman has aspirations for her child. If it is girls dresses, baby bed or a holiday after birth, ensure it forms part of the event. She will cherish the event forever if she gets her wish on such a special day.

The Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)

The baby shower should not be too near or too far from the EDD. The baby shower is an event to prepare the mother-to-be for the task ahead, hence not too far. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too near the EDD, as too much pressure can make the mother-to-be uncomfortable. Emotions can run high and can cause anxiety that might lead to an early birth.


Depending on the locations and the flow event, the cost should be manageable. It is the start of a journey into motherhood. Be modest in spending since the huge task of taking care of the baby is expensive. Make the event simple, exciting and memorable. However, if money is not a problem, make it cosy and comfortable. Ensure that the mother-to-be is not overworked.

Topics of discussion

The main aim of a baby shower is to congratulate the mother-to-be on taking the journey one step at a time. If it is a first-time mother, share the beauty of motherhood and how to overcome its pressure. It is also good to speak of motherhood’s challenges, but not too much to scare her. The mood should always be joyous with hope for a better future.

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