3 Steps on How to Choose the Best Sneakers for Your Style and Lifestyle!


Shoes, while an everyday necessity, are also statement wear. They tell a lot about you, your choices, style, and taste. And they come in every shape, design, and size.

If you’re into sneakers, you know that finding the perfect pair can be a painstaking process. Yes, there are sneakers for every occasion, be it nature walks or jogging. But it’s not just about size and budget. You also have to factor in your particular style and lifestyle.

To make the process of buying the best sneakers for you a lot easier, here are three essential tips to help you select the perfect Golden Goose sneakers.

1.  Know Your Purpose for Buying Sneakers

The first and probably most important step when shopping for sneakers out or online is to consider the purpose of buying them. What do you intend to use them for?

Sneakers can serve various purposes, including working out at the gym, walking, running, casual wear, or travel. That means you should also figure out the intensity of the activity you’ll be performing.

Knowing what you want the shoes for can help you pick the right material, quality, price range, and even fitting. For instance, a sneaker primarily for running will ideally have better padding and flexible material to prevent injury, maintain comfort, and resist wear and tear.

2.  Consider How They Fit and Feel

You’ve probably worn a shoe in the store and thought it fit alright only to wear it later, and it doesn’t quite feel comfortable.

Finding the perfect sneaker fit starts with looking for your size. Sometimes, the size written on the shoe isn’t enough to tell you whether the shoe is a fit or not. To find the perfect length, leave an index finger width space between your heel and the back of the shoe.

Try walking around with it at the store to know how it feels.

If you’re shopping online, check the specific measurements of the shoe and then measure your leg. In this case, the length as well as the width matter. Always leave a small allowance for socks and any padding.

3.  Take into Account Outfits You’ll Wear with the Sneakers

We’ve all bought something we like only to realize that it doesn’t go with what we have in our wardrobes. No one wants to have a nice costly pair of sneakers sitting in the closet waiting for an outfit to match.

So, when picking the design and color of the sneakers, consider what you intend to pair them with.

High-top sneakers, for example, go really well with athletic ensembles for men, that is, workout shorts and tracksuits. They also pair well with slim-fit cuffed pants. As for women, you can wear these sneakers with a tee and shorts.

Buy the Right Sneaker for Your Needs with These Tips

Who would have imagined that buying a pair of sneakers can be as overwhelming as it is? While buying sneakers used to be about their purpose, it’s an entirely different ball game nowadays. You have to consider how you intend to use the shoe as well as what wearing it will say about you.

If you’re in the market for Golden Goose sneakers, the steps highlighted above should help you find a pair that not only matches your foot but your sense of style as well.

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