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Millions of aspirants compete to get their way into the Bihar police as an SI or Assistant Superintendent. Due to the stiff-neck competition, it becomes crucial to plan and strategize your preparation. With just a few thousands of vacancies and a million aspirants competing, you need to be the best among the best to crack the exams.

It becomes imperative to utilize and plan your time well, especially the last 15 days. The last few days before the exam are the most crucial. The way you spend your last few days before the examination determines your results. Many candidates commit the mistake of not utilizing the last few days and end up messing on the examination day. So, here is the last 15 days’ strategy to follow before the examination to generate better results on the exam day.

The Last 15 days Strategy Every Toppers Follow

  • Focusing more on Revision than learning new things: As soon as your Bihar Police SI Admit Card is released, stop learning anything new. The admit card is usually released 10-15 days before the actual examination dates. Once you have got the idea of the exam dates, start your revision as soon as possible. Instead of learning anything new, revise the most important and scoring topics. Your aim should be to revise everything that you have studied as of then.
  • Change your Sleeping Pattern: As soon as Bihar Police SI Apply Online process is done, you should avoid sleeping late at night. However, if you haven’t, you should positively start making changes 15 days before the exam. As the examination is conducted during the daytime, your brain might not perform with full efficiency if you don’t have the habit of being active in day time. Changing the sleep cycle won’t be possible overnight, so instead, start making changes well before the exam. A sleepless night before the exam would be the last thing you want.
  • Avoid Giving mocks in the last week of the Exam: It is not advisable to give the mock test in the last week before the examination. A bad score in the mock during the last few days before the exam can shake your confidence. And, losing confidence right before the examination can be a real shocker. It can seriously impact your performance in the exam. So, instead of attempting new mocks, solve or practice the ones you have already given.
  • Focus on the Scoring Topics: Your last 15 days should be focused on studying relevant and scoring topics. You need to apply the sound strategy of studying relevant topics and avoiding irrelevant topics. You can go through the previous year’s papers for getting more ideas about the scoring topics. You should spend most of the time on revision and the remaining time practicing important questions.
  • Practice the Bookmarked Questions: Throughout your preparation, you must have bookmarked or written down the important questions. The last few weeks are the perfect time to practice those questions again. It will give you immense confidence as well the important topics will be at your fingertips.
  • Decide your Attempting Strategy: You should not wait for the last day to decide your question attempting strategy. In the last few weeks before the exam, you should decide how you would attempt the paper. Like in case if you are strong in Maths, you can attempt maths first and the rest of the section later. It is advisable to make a strategy well before the exam and follow it till the time your brain gets comfortable with it.

Instead of becoming nervous, a candidate must plan his last few weeks before the exams prudently. The better you will revise and practice scoring topics in the last few weeks, the greater will be your chances of scoring well in the exam.

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