Top Hollywood Stars Ruling the World of Instagram with Millions of Followers


If you are not yet in the habit of using social media platforms for boosting your business, possibly, you are sharing moments from your life on the platform with your online community. Instagram is a phenomenally popular social networking site that helps to boost engagement, interaction, and establish robust relationships. As per Forbes, Instagram should be an integral part of your social media marketing stratagem. Instagram is known to be the second most downloaded free application present in the well-known Apple App Store. Moreover, Instagram is supposed to be the tenth most searched Google query. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active users across the globe. The chief reason for its immense appeal is the opportunity and capability of connecting with your hot favorite Hollywood celebrities along with other celebrities, including, sports or music icons. Most celebs have their own Instagram accounts that have millions of fans across the globe. These hot-favorite celebrities have been successful in gathering millions of followers during the last few years. Instagram today is regarded as the most impressive and influential social media platform. Here are some of the top Hollywood celebrities you could easily find on Instagram and who are exerting immense influences on their huge fan following.

Ryan Reynolds

One of the most renowned stars in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds boasts of a massive group of followers on Instagram. He has over 36 million Instagram followers. This popular Hollywood celebrity’s account has been registered as ‘Vancity Reynolds’. Ryan Reynolds has become a popular star thanks to his blockbuster comical films. He is become immensely popular on Instagram because of his hilarious Instagram posts. These fun posts are known for featuring other renowned Hollywood stars including Josh Brolin and Dwayne Johnson. Today you may buy 50 likes on Instagram by contacting a reliable digital marketing company.

Jennifer Lopez

The Highly accomplished and beautiful Jennifer Lopez has been associated with the entertainment industry for more than two decades. She one of the most popular and well-known actors in the Hollywood film industry, though she is quite a popular singer in her own right. Her albums sell like hot cakes even today. J-Lo is a highly talented actress who has acted in a number of blockbuster movies like The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Anaconda, Shall We Dance, Second Act, and many more. The hugely talented star never seems to grow old or lose her charm and charisma. She looks hot and beautiful in all her music videos and movies alike.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is loved by his countless fans and is popularly called The Rock. He is a fantastic actor and a prolific entertainer in his own right. In his successful career as a Hollywood actor, he has featured in several blockbuster movies. He was given the nickname The Rock during his WWE days, way back in the late 90s. Dwayne Johnson boasts of over 165 million Instagram followers. Some of his Hollywood blockbuster movies include The Scorpion King, Pain & Gain, Skyscraper, Doom, Rampage, Tooth Fairy, Journey 2, GIJOE, and many more such entertaining movies.

Dwayne Johnson is known to use his hugely popular Instagram account for advertising his clothing merchandise and all his upcoming TV shows and Hollywood movies. He is one of the most active Hollywood stars present on this versatile social media platform. He is in the habit of posting and sharing bits from his life almost every day. He is an incredibly masculine athlete who often shares his rigorous workout regimens and even some hilarious skits with Kevin Hart. He enjoys a massive Instagram following.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a celebrated Hollywood star who is immensely popular among fun-loving people. He has been a hugely acclaimed comedian who took to acting in Hollywood movies. The much-celebrated comedian boasts of having more than 57 million followers on Instagram. His Instagram Page is consistently updated with comedic skits where he appears with Dwayne Johnson, a noted Hollywood actor. His hilarious comical posts on Instagram have got tremendous response and definitely positive reviews. He is pretty flexible while posting on his Instagram page. He is into comedy and fashion, so he keeps posting about shoes to clothes, and exquisite cars that fetch him numerous likes.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an incredibly popular Hollywood actress known for her beauty, charm and acting talent. She received instant fame after acting in the famous Harry Potter Movies and some other Hollywood blockbusters like Suicide Squad, Beauty & the Beast, and The Colony. This star boasts of more than 57 million Instagram followers across the globe. She is in the habit of sharing artistic and motivational or Inspirational posts with her Instagram audience.


Instagram is the best destination to go to if you are thinking of drawing inspiration from Hollywood stars. Some of the most successful Hollywood stars are on Instagram and are followed by millions of fans.

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