Top 5 Android Tracking App Features You Need to Know

Android Tracking App

Whether you are concerned parents or a businessman, the safety of your children and business is impossible these days until you start tracking android phones and tablets respectively. Android devices these days are very popular among everyone and its lovers are always in the search for new devices. According to the stats, more than 85% of the cellphone worldwide are running with the Android operating system.

Nowadays, children are using contemporary cellphones and tablets all day long connected to the internet and getting involved in inappropriate activities. On the other hand, employers have transformed their employees by providing them mobile and tablet devices to perform the company’s operating for better productivity. However, employees have started using business owned devices for personal activities. Therefore, employers and parents, these days are looking forward to getting their hands on the android tracking app.

What is Android monitoring software?

It is a high –tech tool that is been developed for employee monitoring and to set parental control on kid’s mobile devices. You can use it for the protection of kids and business and you can install it on the target device. Use its online dashboard to do surveillance on the target device and further upload the information running on the target device. Moreover, you can easily navigate its powerful features because of its user –friendly interface. Every feature provides you instant results likewise screen recording, IM’s logs, IM’s call recording without root, screenshots, surround recording, GPS location tracking, call recording, text messages tracking, keystrokes, and plenty of others alike.


Cellphone tracking software is compatible with all kinds of Android cellphones and tablets and remains hidden even on the latest OS version of Android 10 and above devices. You can secretly monitor target device information without them knowing.

How to get & install Android surveillance software?

First and foremost, you need to visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy once you have made your mind to track the cellphone or tablet device of children or employees working in your office. In addition to that, you need to subscribe and once you have the subscription then you can get the credential via an email sent to you. Now make a check on your email inbox and get the password and ID. Furthermore, get the target device in your hands for a while because physical access is necessary.

Start the process of installation once you have got the mobile device and complete the installation process successfully. In addition to that, recall the password and ID that you have got while having a subscription and activate the online web control panel. Get access to the dashboard and visit all the powerful features that enable you to track the android cellphones and tablets of your children or employees respectively.

 Use Android tracking software top 5 features

Well! There are plenty of features of cellphone monitoring software, but today we are going to discuss the top five features that you can use for digital parenting or do surveillance on your employees in working hours. Let’s get to know in the following.

Call recording

Users can get access to the online web control panel or you can use TOSDesk application and activate secret call recorder software. It certainly empowers you to record and listen to the live inbound and outbound calls on target Android devices. Moreover, you can save the data on the web portal.

Live screen recording

Users can use the online dashboard and activate the screen recorder software. It empowers you to record live videos of the screen in a series and send the data of video recording to the online control panel. Users can get access to the online dashboard where you can see the recorded videos and get to know about the activities.

IM’s social media

You can get access to the target device installed social messaging apps and get the logs of using social media messenger monitoring software. You can get the logs of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, and voice messages.


You can capture screenshots of all the activities happen on the target device.

Email monitoring

You can monitor all the sent or received emails on the target cellphone of employees using email tracking software for android.


TheOneSpy is the most advanced and powerful tracking app for android that enables you to monitor kids and employees respectively.

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