Guidelines to Follow to Buy the Best Couch Slipcovers

Best Couch Slipcovers

When you buy slipcovers for your couch first, you will need to know the exact reasons for your buying before you follow the guidelines to make your choice. Your reasons for buying couch covers are usually two, namely:

  • To protect your couch and love seats from dirt, food spills, pet hair and children.

It is the purpose that will help you to look for the best material and price while buying the couch covers.

When you look for the material of the couch cover, you can make your choice from a variety of options such as:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Linen and

The choice of fabric should, however, depend on the traffic and use of your couch. For heavy use, you should choose a durable fabric in dark-color. If you want a snug fit, you may try a cover made from the stretchy cotton-spandex mixture.

When it comes to the fit of the couch covers, consider whether you wish to buy a one-piece slipcover or a set that comes in several pieces. A set of covers will fit well and give it a more seamless look, but a one-piece slipcover will come in a wide variety of sizes and will be easily removable for washing. Also, measure your couch accurately from one outer edge to another of its arm.

Other factors to consider

You will need to consider some other factors to buy the most suitable sofa cover to get the bang.

  • Look – This is an essential factor to consider as these couch covers come in a wide range of looks right from loose-fitting covers to flowing covers, from tailored ones to casual ones, from relaxed look to formal look. It must also match the existing décor along with the shape of the sofa.
  • Weight – Consider the weight of the fabric you choose and avoid the weighty ones. Not only will it be difficult to wash it, but it will also not fit well to the shape of the sofa. A medium weight fabric will easily fit and give it a more structured look.
  • Weave – It must be tightly woven to prevent the pattern or color underneath from showing through the stitching lines.
  • Texture – Select textured fabric to add feel and look to the covers and to add interest and resist wrinkling.
  • Shape – Not all shapes and material of the couch will allow you to use slipcovers, especially if it has a wooden frame.

Consider the length of the slipcover so that it does not fall short to cover the legs or is too long to touch the floor.

Whether or not to slipcover

Finally, you must know whether or not you should try to slipcover your couch. For this, you will first need to find out whether or not it is slipcover-able in the first place. It will mostly depend on its structure, though most of these are slip-coverable. As for the fit, it entirely depends on the manufacturer and brand of slipcover you finally buy.

Other Things to consider as well

Each head cover can have a slipcover, paying little heed to you setting it in another seat or love seat, or re-trying your room. DIY slipcovers are anything but difficult to-do and they change your space quickly. On the off chance that you have a strict spending plan for refurbishing your home, slipcovers are great.

  • You can give your exhausted seat a couch another intrigue with a little part of the substitution cost.
  • There are various furnishings and home style thoughts to render that ideal provincial look.
  • Although troublesome furniture pieces, chairs are basically incredible. It might take somewhat longer to appropriately cover every chair, except its hemp sheet is basically shocking. It likewise has a colossal provincial element.
  • You need a couple of sheets for one chair, contingent upon its size. you can likewise apply this procedure to ordinary upholstery texture. It will take after another seat.
  • The couch slipcover sheets are additionally acceptable. You truly don’t have to buy expensive slipcovers from retail and departmental stores. You can get the pined for look by repurposing old sheets.
  • You can completely cover the whole couch and the pads will be warm and new.
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