Top 10 Largest IT Companies in India

Top IT Companies in India

Despite the effect of pandemics and the need to change to work from home mode, there has been a steady growth in the IT industry. The growth rate for 2021 is estimated to be 2.3% more than that of 2020. It is expected to be better in 2022. Also, the IT workforce will be more than 30 million, is what experts feel. However, the focus of the IT industry in recent times has been on cloud computing, data sciences, and algorithm design. Let us consider the top 10 IT companies in India.

It is indeed difficult to choose the top 10 IT companies. It is mainly because of the diversity in the services. However, we can consider the largest IT companies in India depending on the revenue. The top IT companies include

Here is the list of top 10 largest IT Companies in India:

1. Tata Consultancy Company

The company has been functioning for over 50 years. It has adapted quickly to the changes in the industry. The portfolio of the company is also vast. The revenue they earn is over 1.67 lakh crores. Forbes acknowledges TCS as one of the World’s most innovative companies. Also, it is the largest IT company in India. At present, there is hardly any IT-related service that they are not involved in. It has registered profits continuously for over 23 years. They have acquired several small companies and operate in different parts of India. You also have branches in different parts of the World.

2. Infosys

It is a global IT service and consulting company. It is about 37 years old. The revenue of the company is over 13.56 billion US dollars. The company was first listed on NASDAQ in the year 1998. It is the first company to be listed. Infosys has played a huge role in making India a global destination for IT services and talents. Moreover, it is recognized as the World’s most ethical company by the Ethisphere Institute. The various fields it caters to include

  • Big data
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Business services
  • Technology services
  • Outsourcing services
  • Banking software solution

And others. Also, it has launched a customer engagement platform. It is an AI-first, cloud-first system.

3. HCL Technologies

This is again one of the top IT companies in India, operating in over 52 countries. The revenue of the company is 11.8 billion US dollars. They offer quality services across different industries. It includes

  • Financial services
  • Public services
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Consumer services
  • Life sciences and health care.

HCL has been named as the leader in Talent readiness and Digital talent capability 2021. Everest and Avasant Radarview TM awarded it.

4. Wipro Ltd

It is one of the best IT companies in India. However, it is based in New York City. The total revenue is about 75,000crores. There are about 1,60,999 employees. You can expect globally acceptable quality. The corporate governance is excellent. They offer services across six continents. The services are spread across a wide range of industries as well.

5. Reddington India Ltd

It was founded in 1993. However, it is one of it companies in India offering just one product category. That is, they offer supply chain management services. However, the revenue is about 46,599 crores. Also, they provide services to over 220 international companies.

6. Tech Mahindra Ltd

This company is part of the Mahindra group. The revenue is about 38,642 crores. It is recognized as the top non-US enterprise by Forbes Global digital 100. The company is offering feasible IT solutions to enterprises, society, and Associates. The employee strength is over 125,700. The offices are spread over 90 countries.

7. Larsen & Toubro Infotech LTD

It is a 20-year-old company. The revenue is about 12.644 crores. The company offers specialized services and digital solutions. However, the clients are spread over India. The offices are in 30 other countries as well. The various fields they cater to include social analytics, IoT, cloud transformations, and mobility.

8. Mphasis Ltd

This is one of the largest it companies in India. They are specialists in banking solutions. They serve banks and mortgage lenders. They also offer expert solutions in the insurance sector. The revenue is around 9,722 crore. The number of employees is about 29,473.

9. Mind tree Limited

This is a part of the Larsen and Toubro group now. However, the company was started in 1999; They are experts in handling domains. The revenue is about 7,839.9 crores. The number of employees is about 23,814. It is in over 15 countries around the World.

10. Hexaware Technologies Ltd

This is one of the fastest-growing it companies in India. They offer automation and cloud solutions to clients. The revenue is over 1,586 crore, and the number of employees is about 19,833. The offices are spread across different continents.

The above-mentioned are the top it companies in India. However, the ranking may change from one year to another depending on their business. Also, their success depends on how quickly they acquire and train employees with the latest technology.

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