Gogoanime Alternatives: 100% Working Like Gogo Anime 2020

gogoAnime alternatives

Anime has become a highly popular entertainment source and has a massive fan following everywhere. Over recent years, GoGoAnime has become the most popular anime streaming site worldwide. Gogo anime has a massive database of different anime sub-genres and they continuously keep updating their library and adding more content. In this article, we will discuss GoGoAnime and its various alternatives.

What is Gogoanime?

Gogo anime is the ultimate website to watch anime online. It is very well-known and extremely popular among anime lovers. Owing to its popularity, it could be blocked or banned in several countries and so it has a dozen of proxy sites like gogoanime.io, gogoanime.tv, gogo anime hub, etc. This is the place where you can find popular series like Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, etc. for free. 

Why is Gogoanime so Popular?

People love watching anime online and gogoanime io has a stock of wonderful collection of popular anime with a creative storyline, impactful characters and much more. It is so popular that it has several versions and proxies like gogoanimes.co, gogoanime.com, gogoanime.tv, gogoanime.io, etc. 

10 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives to watch amine online free

  • KissAnime

KissAnime website is one of the most popular sites for streaming anime. Kissanime.ru is preferred by many people as an alternative to gogoanime. Kissanime ru provides you with popular and latest TV shows, anime series and anime movies for free. Needless to say that kissanime.co offers content in the best quality available. 

The terms gogoanime kissanime go hand in hand. If for some reason gogoanime is down, then you can always head to kissanime site. Some anime lovers even prefer kissanime .ru over gogoanime. Kissanime website is very easy to navigate and offers plenty of categories to pick from. But kissanime.ru, kissanime apk or kissanime app does not support downloading videos. Kissanime.ru also does not support lite browsers such as UC Browser Mini. 

If kissanime.co or kissanime .ru is blocked in your country, then you could head over to kissanime proxy. The website kissanime is so popular that there are several kissanime proxies to continuously offer you the best anime content.

  • ChiaAnime

Chia-Anime is another awesome alternative for gogo anime. With a huge variety of anime shows, movies and more, chia-anime is suited for all ages. 

However, the dashboard is pretty messy with ads all over it. It might seem frustrating and annoying while watching videos. Every time you click on the play button, a pop-up ad will come up in a new tab, which is so disturbing.

Chia-Anime, currently, holds over 7 million users worldwide. Most of the anime content available on ChiaAnime, can be downloaded in an MP4 video file format and played on any TV, smartphone, laptop, etc. Don’t be fooled by the backdated design of ChiaAnime, it has a massive collection of anime.

  • AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima has an awesome library of anime series with subtitles in English. The massive library is available for free. You can stream every episode for free but you cannot download it on the site. You can log in to AnimeUltima and create your own library for adding videos that you could watch later. 

AnimeUltima also houses a community tab that will help you to connect with other anime fans. The comments are enabled for all the episodes but try not to peek there since they contain spoilers. 

  • AnimeFrenzy

If you have a thing for dark themes, then AnimeFrenzy should be your first and last stop because it has just the right thing. AnimeFrenzy is a wonderful website that simply looks awesome. It has categories such as Dubbed, Genres, Popular, Staff Pick and so on, for an added ease of navigation. Mind it that these categories are just, to begin with, the website holds several more sections.

It is extremely easy to navigate and you will get to know if a series is dubbed or has subtitles. You could also log in to AnimeFrenzy and chat with other anime lovers besides building your library.

  • Stremio

Not every one of us would want to go to a website to watch something. Such people prefer apps over websites and Stremio is such an app available on all major platforms, from Windows to Android. Besides anime, Stremio also provides major movies and TV series. 

An advantage of using Stremio is that you would be able to watch your favorite movies and TV series without any adverts. 

You just need to log in to the application and it will automatically open your library and you can watch your series and movies comfortably. You will be notified whenever a new episode is available. 

  • PutLocker

PutLocker is a very popular site and not just for anime. This is a very famous site that offers torrent links. You will find any and every TV series, anime, movies, etc. here, all for free. PutLocker is maintained well and continuously updated. You do not need to sign up to download content here. 

In case, the server goes down, they will offer mirror links of all the content available on the website. They are one annoying thing, however, and that is, you will be greeted with a lot of adverts and pop-ups too. Hence, using a VPN and ad blockers with PutLocker is advisable. 

  • 9anime

9Anime is one of the most popular GoGoanime alternatives because the 9anime website has everything you are looking for. You will find about 27,000 videos, including anime series, movies and more on the database of 9anime. 9anime website has a unique feature that will allow you to request for an anime series, just in case you don’t find it (which is a rare happening). 

You can always download the 9anime apk on your phone if you don’t prefer visiting the website every time you wish to watch a series. The 9anime to the site will greet you with a lot of redirections to show ads and pop-ups as well. 

The collection of anime at the 9anime website is huge and hence, it is very popular. As a result, there are several proxies and copies of the same and you might wonder which 9anime is real.

  • Animefreak

AnimeFreak too is quite popular just like Gogo Anime and hence, is a good alternative. Anime freak shelters around 11,000 anime series and they add new collection every day. 

The user interface of anime freak is quite similar to other anime streaming sites. You can find almost all anime series on anime freak. Users can sign up here and create their libraries where they can add their favorite anime or videos to watch later. 

You will also come across proxy sites of anime freak like animefreak.tv5. Animefreak.tv5 too will make you watch several ads and pop-ups while playing videos. 

  • MasterAni.me

Just like Gogoanime, masterani is also a spectacular place to watch anime for free. All masterani.me asks for in return is the latest version of Flash player. 

Masterani.me has wonderful user-interface. The homepage of the masterani is free of ads and you will find everything categorized in sections. Hence, anime enthusiasts will be able to navigate through the website effectively and easily. 

Most of your favorite anime can be found here and therefore, this could be the best alternative to GoGoanime.  masterani.me is very famous with 30 million monthly visitors. Most of the content available here is in English.

  • Otakustream

Otaku stream is one of the most popular community-based sites for streaming anime and is quite similar to Gogo anime. otakustream.tv has a unique feature called Light/Dark. This will enable you to have a low brightness dashboard via Dark and otherwise, go for Light. 

You can also comment on the videos and request for any anime video or series which is not already uploaded on Otaku Stream. 

OtakuStream has a clean interface along with a good UX which everybody will enjoy. The site otakustream.tv has around 15 million monthly visitors. Otaku Stream is preferred more in the US and UK. 

Special Mention:

  • AnimePahe

AnimePahe is very popular with anime lovers. It has a huge collection of subbed, dubbed videos and series, all for free. AnimePahe has a clean design wherein you get 3 videos in one line. It has a search tab too which allows you to look for any anime. 

You will find every anime page arranged here in an alphabetic manner. AnimePahe features an excellent interface and user experience. You will not encounter many ads while watching videos on anime pahe. It is extremely popular in India, the US and the UK. Anime Pahe has decent popularity with about 2.5 million monthly traffic.

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 Things You Need to Know About Gogoanime

Gogoanime is a type of anime streaming website that offers free online anime streaming to users. To understand what this anime hub provides and its pros and cons, it is important to know about its features:

 Important Features of gogoanime

  • Users can browse through several categories of anime such as action, fantasy, fairy tale, drama, kids, horror, police, school, adventure, comedy, games, music and much more.
  • You will also get to enjoy your favorite anime with English subtitles and a lot of content would be dubbed in your desired language.
  • Anyone can contact gogo anime for business inquiries or other queries.
  • Gogoanime.io would also allow you to download or purchase desired episodes.

How to Download Gogoanime videos?

Step 1: Go to the official website of gogo anime and that is https://www4.gogoanimes.tv/ and then choose the episode you wish to download.

Step 2: Then, click on the download button on the video clip.

Step 3: Now, a download link will be generated with an agreed download button located at the right corner. Hit it and the download will be initiated.

What is gogoanime.io?

Gogoanime.io is an anime streaming website just like gogoanime.tv, gogoanime.com, gogoanime.co, etc. Gogoanime io is regularly adding more and more anime content. It is reputed for providing high-quality anime videos. There are several proxy websites available on the internet for the same. 

Is GoGoAnime legal?

The legality of GoGo Anime depends upon the legal jurisdiction of the country you are living in. However, it is fairly legal. Some jurisdiction systems do not state anime as production quality content. Gogoanime leaks pirated anime on the internet and also publishes the most popular versions of anime with subtitles. The owner of websites like gogoanime.io, gogoanime.tv, gogoanime.com, gogoanimes.co and other versions of gogo anime, could be punished for resisting copyright substance. 

But, you have nothing to worry about because you won’t be penalized for downloading or viewing the anime content on go goanime and its various avatars. There are plenty of similar sites on the web like anime hub, kissanime, etc. Thus, don’t be stressed and freely watch anime online anytime.

How to Watch GoGoAnime Safely and Anonymously with NordVPN?

GoGo Anime does not host its anime content on its servers. Rather, they are dependent on a huge network of third-party video hosting services, such as openload, videohost, alluc and so on. It provides a convenient way to watch anime on modern web browsers.

Thus, gogo anime is protected from copyright and law enforcement. But, you won’t stay protected from your ISP or someone else who might decide to monitor your activity on the internet. 

Hence, if you want to enjoy anime content anonymously, then you should learn how to use VPN services that would hide your IP address.

Never Visit GoGoAnime without NordVPN

NordVPN will also stop ads from destroying your anime watching experience. These ads could also potentially infect your system with dangerous malware.

How to watch anime on GoGoAnime with NordVPN

  1. Visit https://nordvpn.com. Sign up on the website
  2. Choose a plan
  3. Create an account
  4. Pick a payment method
  5. Download the NordVPN client for your OS and install it.
  6. Launch and log in
  7. Establish a secured VPN connection and enjoy watching anim

How to know that Gogoanime is an anime and not a manga?

Manga is a comic and anime is a cartoon video. Anime is a program, a series, or a show but manga is a book. 

Anime is much more popular than manga. You can find various mangas on gogoanime.io, gogoanime.co, gogoanime.com, gogoanime.tv. Many people prefer manga over anime and vice versa.

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Why is Gogoanime highly addictive?

Gogoanime.io is a site that provides online anime for free. Hence, it is a jackpot for some. Some people prefer apps over websites and gogoanime.io also comes in an app form. It has a user-friendly interface and an organized layout. You do not need to sign up at gogoanime.io to watch your favorite anime in high definition video quality. Hence, gogo anime is the best anime streaming website one could have asked for. 

Excess of anything is bad and the same goes for anime. Watching anime for long hours at a stretch will have harmful effects on you. You would become an anime addict and all your important work would be lying undone. 


Gogo anime is the best anime streaming website one could have ever asked for. It is a high-quality streaming site that offers anime in several resolutions and works in pretty much every web browser that would support HTML 5. Several anime contents of Gogoanime is dubbed in different languages, including English. Young anime fans are privileged by gogo anime with such huge access. Otherwise, they would have found it hard to collect anime. 

Apart from all that, if you do not prefer heading to a website every time you wish to watch an anime, then don’t worry. Gogoanime also has its app version for Android and iOS users. What more could you possibly ask for?

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