Raksha Bandhan 2020: Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Sister

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Rakhi Gift Ideas for your Sister

Revive the Love for your Sister with Raksha Bandhan this Year

Your sister is that beautiful princess who likes to share your favorite bunch of candies, grabs on to your toys and sometimes gives you the experience of a wrestling joint at your house. Even though she throws pranks on you and fights with you she will need your love to blossom into a confident lady who knows that you’re there to save her from the agony of life. The sweetest and adorable brother-sister relation is an exquisite bond experienced worldwide. This bonding is wholeheartedly celebrated as a festival named “Raksha Bandhan”. Celebrate this occasion of love with your sister and give her a promise to stay with her forever. Raksha Bandhan 2020 will be celebrated on 26 the August worldwide. Have you thought of something special to cheers with your little princess on this great day?

Meaning and Value:

The word “Raksha Bandhan” is a Sanskrit word which is an amalgamation of two words “Raksha”, which implies for ‘protection’ and “Bandhan” for ‘bondage’.  The basic ritual behind this whole celebration is that the sister ties a thread (Rakhi) around the brother’s wrist. The knot symbolizes the ‘bondage’ and the brother promises ‘protection’ to his sister from all sorts of problems. The bond is not exclusively limited to be celebrated between a brother and a sister. It symbolizes a relation of love and care. Thus it is celebrated between the mother-son, aunt-nephew, grandmother-grandchild relations too.


This celebration is not new to this world. It has carved its way as like a pure soul been into different bodies. It has a history of thousands of years and the mythological scripts are the very source of its existence

Lord Krishna-Draupadi:

On a Sankranti Day, while cutting sugarcane, Lord Krishna managed to cut his little finger. His wife Rukmini sent her help for a cloth. Draupadi was there on the scene too. Watching this, she tore off a piece of cloth and did the first aid. This moved Krishna and in return promised her to give her ‘protection’ at the time of distress.

Emperor Humayun-Rani Karnavati:

The regent of Mewar, Rani Karnavati, ruled in the name of her elder son Vikramjeet. Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, who had defeated Vikramjeet earlier, attacked Mewar. In this time of distress, Rani Karnavati reached out to Humayun for help. She sent him a rakhi and sought protection. Humayun agreed for the help but unfortunately couldn’t make it on time and ultimately the Rani Karnvati decided to commit Jauhar( self-immolation).

The history behind ‘Bhai Dooj’:

Lord of Death Yama, once after a long time, went to see his sister the Yamuna. On seeing her brother, she became very happy and offered some hospitality to him. This whole gesture was so moving that Lord Yama asked her for a gift. She desired to see him and meet him again and again. Lord Yama kept his words and made the Yamuna immortal. This is the story behind the celebration of the festival ‘Bhai Dooj’.

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Goddess Lakshmi-King Bali:

After the war of three worlds, Lord Krishna asked the demon king Bali to stay beside him in the palace. Demon king agreed to the terms. Goddess Lakshmi wanted Lord Krishna to return to his native place Vaikuntha. On this desire, she tied a Rakhi(thread) to Demon king Bali and on return, she asked the king to give allowance for the returning of her husband back to Vaikuntha. Bali agreed and Lord Krishna returned Home.

Time and again lots of stories have depicted the Raksha Bandhan event in different ages, through different character but with the same soulful purpose. Some are fortunate enough to celebrate it with their siblings and families. Some are not fortunate to have a sibling or a relative to celebrate it with. Thus sometimes they find someone or sometimes a call does the work.

Raksha Bandhan 2020’ or I should say ‘Rakhi 2020’ is coming up soon. Some distant ones must have already done their train reservations, flight reservation or bus ticket bookings to for the day of celebration. The whole year this relationship engulfs the small and adorable incidences of fighting for a comfortable seat, snatching the best food off the plate, laughing on a third party, teasing on the embarrassing moments, some rib-tickling moments and also being the saviour of the other in a troubled situation. When the celebration takes the momentum, this whole zipped bag of priceless moments starts unzipping and eventually, it all feels just amazing.

But, this celebration does not end up simply. In between there comes a moment where brothers give their sisters Raksha Bandhan gifts. Buying gifts start off with the feeling of joy and enthusiasm. But, it ends up becoming a confusing task. What should I buy? Would that be enough? Well, here is a list of Raksha Bandhan gifts ideas which can ease your load:

Chocolates and lots of chocolates:

You will get no best friend better than your sister and when you know that she’s a die-hard chocolate fan why resist on to the option of gifting her favorite delicacy. Chocolates are the best pleasing Raksha Bandhan gift ideas to make your sister happy. Any festival requires some sweets as a ‘Shagun’ and all in all, who doesn’t like chocolates.

A closet of her dreams:

Whether your sister fancies the wardrobe of her favorite actress or wants to have a ethnic look this season for Rakhi you can make her happy by gifting her the dress that she is always fantasized about. Grab a decent dress for her maybe ethnic, maybe not. It is all up to you but an elegant dress can never go wrong in winning the heart of your sister this rakhi season..

Why not the accessories:

If you’ve found out that a makeup kit would be perfect for her then why not go for it. It is affordable, useful and a good way to show her how much you care about her likes.

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Only for my little princess (Handmade gifts):

Gift her something which you have made by yourself. It would be an amazing and memorable Rakhi gift for the sister. She always goes for the emotions behind your gift, not the price. A photo album, a hand-made greeting card or simple video of your lovely moments would be blissful.

This festival has always strengthened the brother-sister bond. You get an opportunity to realize how happy and blissful your life is in the presence of the other one. Henceforth, on this auspicious occasion, I wish you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan 2020. Gift your loved ones your love, time and few memories that will get engraved in their memory lane forever.

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