How to Know When to Go for Starter Motor Replacement

How to Know When to Go for Starter Motor Replacement

You should be aware of the signs that you should be looking for in case of any starter motor replacement that might need to happen. If the vehicle isn’t turning on or isn’t making any sound when you are turning the key, then you should immediately call a mechanic and have them check it out. They can let you know if it is the main part of the vehicle that needs to be changed or if there is any other part that is causing the problem, so here are some signs to look out for and let the mechanic know about: 

Not Turning On

The first sign that will let you know if you would need to have the starter motor replacement done is if the vehicle isn’t turning on. Normally, the vehicle should turn on immediately after the key has been turned in the ignition, but that isn’t the case always. Sometimes it might sound like it is turning on, but it isn’t, which is one of the first signs that would let you know if any particular vehicle part needs to be replaced or not. Let the mechanic know exactly what is happening when you turn the key so they can diagnose the problem.


You also want to make sure that you are listening for any buzzing sound that would let you know that starter motor replacement needs to be done at the earliest. This means that you are just listening to the attempts of the electricity of traveling from the part, but not far enough to get the vehicle turned on. This might mean that the electrical connections are bad and should be changed out rather than the part itself, which would be a much cheaper job.

Grinding Sounds

Also, another sound that you would need to be aware of is the grinding one. This means that the mounting bolts might have become loose on the part or the gears have lost some of their teeth or a tooth. Either way, you should make sure that you are taking it into the mechanic to have them look at it so that they can figure out what the major problem is. If you don’t let them look at it, then a small problem can become a bigger one that would cost you more in the end.

Other Issues

You might not always think about starter motor replacement and if the vehicle isn’t starting up, there can be other issues that might be the cause. You should be aware of these things so that you can try them before taking the vehicle into the mechanic for an inspection, including:

  • Battery being dead
  • The alternator has gone bad
  • Insufficient delivery of the fuel

All these things that can also cause the vehicle to sound like it isn’t turning on, which would make you think it is the same problem. Make sure that you take it in and have it inspected to ensure that the right problem is being diagnosed and taken care of. 

You should always make sure that you are thinking about what signs and sounds you need to focus at when it comes to needing the starter motor replacement done. If you are trying to turn the vehicle on, but you don’t hear anything, or there is a grinding or buzzing sound, then it needs to be looked at. You should ensure that you are keeping a note of what is happening so that you can explain it to the mechanic, which would allow them to know what they should be looking for.

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