5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Motorbike

Electric Bike

If your old 750cc bike is nearing the end of its life and you are thinking about a replacement, you may not have considered an electric bike, after all, it couldn’t compare to a good old 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine, could it? It might surprise you to learn that an e-bike can compete with a petrol engine machine in just about every way and with that in mind, here are a few of the reasons why people are swapping their gas guzzler bikes to electric versions.

  1. Good for the environment – There is no pollution with an electric bike, as there are zero emissions, making for a clean and renewable energy solution. There are some strange aspects to riding electric bikes, the sound, for example, is nothing like the roar of a 4-cylinder engine; all you hear is the wind and a little whine from the motor. EV charging stations are popping up all over the UK, so you won’t be stranded anywhere.
  2. Minimal maintenance – If you have owned a few regular motorcycles, you know how much maintenance is involved; when you invest in one of the electric motorbikes at Wheels Motorcycles, UK, there is hardly any maintenance, as there is no longer an engine. Of course, some aspects such as brakes and tires are exactly the same, but generally speaking, the level of maintenance is much lower and therefore cheaper.
  3. Ease of riding – The first thing you notice when riding an electric bike is the lack of gear shift near the left foot peg; this is because there is no gearbox, you simply twist open the throttle and off you go! There is no clutch either and that makes riding a lot easier; if you would like to experience the wonders of an e-bike, search online for a dealership that stocks electric bikes and book a test drive on your chosen model. Here are a few tips for new vehicle care.
  4. Savings – The running costs of an electric bike are much less than a petrol-powered machine and this is a major reason to switch to electric solutions. Add that to the lower cost of servicing and there is a lot of money to be saved when you ride an e-bike, plus there are UK government incentives for owners of EVs. When you crunch the numbers, the electric bike is a very attractive alternative to a regular petrol engine bike.
  5. Riding pleasure – In case you didn’t know, riding an e-bike is a whole lot of fun and much easier than riding a regular motorcycle. Book a test ride at a leading UK motorcycle dealership that stocks e-bikes and experience the ride for yourself. This would probably be enough to convince you to sell your old bike and invest in this new clean technology.

We will see a lot more electric bikes on the UK roads in the coming months and charging stations are being built in all regions of the country in preparation for a rise in EV numbers on the roads.

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