How Technology Can Help to teach children life skills

technology help children in life skills

Humans created technology, and now technology helps their children learn progressive things. The relation between the two is quite promising and should continue in the same manner.

Children that are the future makers of a nation should be equipped with essential life skills, necessary to live an independent life.

Here is an insight into the role of technology in teaching the skills to the little ones.

A robotic pet that helps to learn pet care

Children have tender emotions, and they are caring too, but they need to know how to care for someone. Love for animals is an essential emotion that people try to generate in their kids.

The robotic pets respond to the children; they talk to them in their language. It gives a chance to the little humans about the various things like the routine of a pet, what they eat etc.

The most important thing is to work on the nature of the kids and feed them with the right human values. Robotic serves with new methods that can tailor the behaviour of the children in a particular manner.

Financial technology to teach saving and money management

Money management is an important life skill that should be prepared for children from an early age. They can quickly become the victim of bad habits when it comes to money. An insight into the essential methods of financial management can help them understand the importance of money.

‘Saving’ is one of the most significant activities that parents and teachers teach to the tiny minds. It needs patience, regularity and self-discipline. Nowadays, the piggy bank has gone virtual.

Through pocket money apps, kids are learning money management skills. Children between the age of 4 to 08 can easily use the app. These apps are always in control and access to the parents. Parents want their kids to become self-dependent at an early age because the outer world is quite challenging.

A child who learns to save today can be able to create a big nest egg to buy a new home. Technology will be there at that time too to help the same kid find an online mortgage broker or lender or a property agent or whatever. Oh, that is too far. Currently, the simple habit of preserving money is essential.

The pocket money apps facilitate following functions –

  • Online shopping through contactless payment terminals in shopping stores
  • Kids can check the balance online
  • The spending behaviour can also be tracked

The digital money apps prepare little souls for the future world. Already the financial management relies more on technology, and kids cannot keep accumulating their funds in the traditional piggy banks.

Tools that improve focus

Children have different levels and capacity of concentration. Some are good at it, and some are not. Those who are not may take help from technology and can attain better performance in focus.

The kids with the issues of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) always need support in their day-to-day activities.

Here are some technology tools that help to train the minds of the kids to focus on a specific task or work.

  • Talking calculators – That read the numbers aloud, and a child needs to check its accuracy by concentrating on the screen. The tools have two benefits – 1) improved attention, and 2) expertise in calculations.
  • Smartpen – It is used to record the lessons of the teachers in the classroom to listen to them later. The easy to carry pens give the facility to listen to replay the experience. The kids with issues in focus can go back again and again until they understand everything. In the classroom, a child can’t ask the teacher to repeat the things. Children hesitate to ask should use this pen.
  • Audiobooks – Listening to lessons and stories can be more interesting for a child, then paying attention to the blackboard. Audiobooks are mobile. The kid can take it to a sofa or a garden or in the room to listen to things according to the comfort. The feature of searching and bookmarking the books are the other two elements that improve concentration.
  • Nose cancelled headphones – As you can easily understand, these headphones obstruction the entrance of any noise. A child can focus more on this work without distractions.
  • Smartphones – Generally, we treat them as the enemy of kids, but if used constructively, the smartphones are quite useful.
  • Set reminders
  • Stopwatch from completing a task in a specific time
  • Update the calendar with appointments and assignments

You know what,

Technology offers exciting ways of teaching life skills to children. It makes them more adaptable towards the atmosphere. When they attain skills, they develop self-confidence and learn faster to manage the situations.

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