How to Preserve Genuine Leather Sofa for Every Home

Leather Sofa

The current leather sofa tables and chairs are gaining a lot of love from every family. There are many types and colors for customers to choose from. However, one issue that is most interested in is the way to preserve leather sofa, avoid broken or mold. Many people worry because leather material is also prone to many problems. However, you do not need to worry, some of the solutions below will help you do that. To be clearer, you can go to page to know the advantages of leather sofas.

How to preserve leather sofa with a long life

Put the leather sofa in a cool place

For sofas made of leather, people need to avoid places where the temperature is too high, should be placed in cool rooms and gentle temperatures not too hot or cold. This is also an important factor to help the leather sofa be preserved more firmly and for longer. Because when placed at very low or too high temperatures, leather sofas will easily explode and become damaged.

Besides, you should also avoid placing leather sofas in places with direct sunlight and high temperature light bulbs. When turning on the air conditioner, you should also avoid shining directly on the leather sofa to avoid drying leather.

To avoid the sun, you can use curtains to shade the sun.

Keep away from inflammables and explosives

To keep the leather sofa durable, you should not place it near an electric socket, gasoline or other explosive chemicals because leather sofas in contact with those substances will easily burn. In addition, when the leather seats are sticky with those chemicals, it is also difficult to clean. Before placing the position of leather sofa, you should consider this issue carefully. These substances will be dangerous and seriously affect the quality and life of sofas.

Besides, you also need to pay more attention on everyday household items. Do not use sharp objects puncture the leather seats such as scissors, knives, scissors because the leather material is very smooth and smooth, when you accidentally stab the other tools up, it will cause the chair to be broken and deteriorated.

If families have young children, they should not pay their children to hold such items in their hands.

Move sofa carefully, avoiding direct contact with water

When starting to buy home as well as moving to the desired position, you should also pay attention to move gently, do not move too much or move too much will cause scratches. and affects the frame of the leather sofa with wooden frame. Every activity must be as carefully and gently as possible.

Another important note that you may not know is that the leather is extremely hydrophobic, so when cleaning the leather sofa, avoid pouring water directly on the chair, this will make the leather material quickly Soft and fast broken. The best measure is to use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away the skin damage. If unfortunately spilled directly on the water also need to use towels and dry.

How to clean leather sofa for families

In order to preserve good leather sofas and get long-lasting, long-life use, it is important to know that you should clean the leather sofa properly. Proper cleaning is necessary because many families do not know how to clean and accidentally break a sofa faster, significantly reducing service life.

The first step of cleaning the leather sofa is that you should use a vacuum to remove the dust on the sofa. Vacuum to avoid when you wipe, the dust will scratch the leather sofa. You should not use detergents to clean the sofa, but you can use the method that is mixed with water and vinegar and use a soft towel to clean the leather sofa. When you want to dry the leather sofa, do not rush to use the dryer or dry. You need to use a dry towel to dry it.

Leather sofa will help the room become more luxurious/

       Leather sofa will help the room become more luxurious/

Some notes that you should know to wipe leather sofa properly

Many people think that cleaning water is a miracle substance, can clean everything. However, it was because of that thought that it made the mistake of cleaning to damage the leather sofa.

The detergent is very miraculous but not suitable for real leather sofas and especially imported leather sofa products. It is only suitable for felt sofa or fabric.

If deliberately use cleaning water for a long time, the surface skin of leather sofas will be inflated, deformed; affect aesthetics and soon they will lose the shine of inherent shine of leather sofa.

Also limit the use of old clothes for cleaning, even with the living room sofa set. Many people are willing or economical to use clothes to clean leather sofas.

Using old clothes is one of the major mistakes in cleaning genuine leather sofas. Old clothes after using for a long time, they are not as soft as when they were new. So, they are very difficult to absorb water. Rubbing the surface will scratch the sofa, not to mention, buttons, zippers or other decorative items on clothes will cause undue “damage” on the skin layers. After a long time, they will expand and ruin your sofa, even tearing it. 

It’s extremely wrong for people to think that sofas are not affected by the heat because they are made from real animal skin. But like human skin, they can also be affected and hurt by heat.

When exposed to high temperatures, the real leather of a leather sofa can be damaged quickly, blistering, rough and brittle are the phenomena that you will encounter when accidentally leaving them outside the high temperature, especially under sunshine.

So, after cleaning and cleaning them properly, let the sofa air dry. This will help you preserve the leather sofa in the best way.

You should know how to clean leather sofa for family/

      You should know how to clean leather sofa for family/

Above is some information on how to preserve and clean leather sofas that you should refer to so that you can have long-term use and durable in your house. Refer to popular product models on the market today at Hopefully the above useful information can help you feel more secure when choosing leather sofa products for your home. 

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