5 Reasons Why you Should Make Use of the Elliptical


Elliptical machines are commonly found in fitness centers and in many home gyms. An elliptical machine is one that is equipped with poles and slats. You hold the poles in your hands while placing your feet on the slats. This allows you to exercise your legs and arms as you move them forward and backward.

One of the reasons elliptical machines are common in gyms is their reduced impact on the body — which many believe to be significantly lower than that experienced when running. There are many ways that workout routines ranging from glute to cardio can be carried out on elliptical machines.

Here are the top five reasons why you should make use of one of these machines during your next workout:

  • Low Impact on the Body: This machine is great for people who have excess bodyweight. It is the perfect equipment to use whenever they decide to return to working out. Using elliptical machines helps to prevent joint injuries that may occur as a result of the impact of hitting the ground with too much weight. Hence, people who work out with this equipment do not need to worry about aches or swelling around their joints —including the lower back, hips, knees, feet, etc. We recommend that you stick with elliptical machines until some of your weight has been shed. Afterward, you can move on to training on the treadmill and then running outdoors.
  • Working Out Both the Lower and Upper Body: Using elliptical machines during a workout has a minimal impact on the body. However, you should avoid pushing yourself too hard as it can cause several stress conditions. The reason for this is simple — using elliptical machines creates linear resistance and motion only. This type of motion isn’t enough to get our bodies going. Hence, there is a need to incorporate upper body resistance training by making use of the poles. You can explore other alternatives to build body strength by following this click reference.
  • It Enhances Intensity: There is something about the resistance that an elliptical machine provides that creates a challenge in your fitness routine if you use it. While using an elliptical machine provides a variety of workout options, you should pay attention to keeping a particular cadence as you add resistance to it. The resistance options available when using this type of machine helps in enhancing cardiovascular fitness.
  • Easing Back Pain by Performing Incline Routines: When selecting an elliptical machine, you need to find out if the machine can be inclined. One of the ways you can engage your posterior chain is by incorporating incline routines that are perfect for relieving pain in the lower back. One of the benefits of using an elliptical that has an incline feature is that it increases the calories you can burn.
  • Build Muscles by Going Lateral: You can spice up your workouts by using a lateral elliptical exercise machine instead of a standard one. The most obvious difference can be found in the way they are built. While the typical elliptical machine only permits forward and backward movements, the lateral also permits side to side movements. According to reports, Typical elliptical and cardio trainers tend to burn less fat and calories than lateral trainers.

There are many benefits to using elliptical machines when working out as they help in enhancing building muscle mass, burning calories, and training both the lower and upper body.

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