4 Best Stoner Movies of All Time to Watch

Stoner Movies

Stoner movies refer to movies where somewhere in the plot there are scenes that involve smoking marijuana. You do not have to be high, but if you want to consume some CBD to flow along with the movie you can check out the CBDfx coupon for some good discounts.

Most stoner movies are low budget, but with the relaxing laws in cannabis use, producers have started producing high budget movies that will leave you yearning for more. You can use torrents to download the movies if they are not available at a local movie store.

It does not matter if you are a stoner movie fan or someone looking for a random movie, one thing that you can be sure about is that stoner movies are funny and you can be sure that your cravings will be satisfied. Here are some stoner movies that you should watch in 2020.

Grandma’s Boy

Alex is a video game tester who stays with his friend. He is 35 years old and still single. The duo runs into trouble when josh wastes all their money on hookers from the Philippines. Unable to pay the rent, their landlord evicts them from the apartment.

Alex has no other choice but to move to his grandma’s house. The movie is hilarious and smoking marijuana makes Alex and his buddies do all sorts of unexpected things. For instance, there is a time when he says that he lives with ‘three hot babes’ while in real sense it’s his grandma and her two friends.


Ted goes against all expectations of a classical stoner movie. It is incredibly funny while at the same time maintaining a high budget and a stable storyline. Ted is one stoner movie where we can advise you to consider CBDfx coupon deals before you start watching.

The voice of Ted is played by MacFarlane while Ted’s best friend John is played by Mark Wahlberg. The two are hilarious as they engage in fierce debates regarding the state of Ted’s humanity. It is through these comical debates that their heavy cannabis smoking tendencies come into the light.

Pineapple Express

The movie is named after a certain strain of marijuana found in the movie. The movie evokes and embodies the life of a perennial smoker and the love-hate relationship he has with his dealer. The two unwillingly witness a murder. After finding out that they cannot trust anyone, they head for a mysterious underground marijuana farm that had remained hidden since the 1930s

The adventure involves explosions, a wild car chase, and an epic shootout. In the process of all those dangerous escapades, the two stoners realize the bromance they share and finally learned to accept each other.


Stoner movies have storylines that center on cannabis, people smoking marijuana, or even depicting the life of a stoner. These movies come in many sub-genres, sizes, and shapes which means that out there is a perfect movie for you. You can start with the ones mentioned here and then proceed from that point. Remember that the CBDfx coupon offers you a good deal for CBD products to use as you watch stoner movies.

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