3 East Coast Places to Visit This Fall

East Coast Places to Visit

There is no better place to experience fall than the East Coast. While New England gets a reputation for being the perfect place to view the fall foliage, there are gorgeous sites to visit all along the coast where you can enjoy apple picking, scenic hikes, and the chilly weather that autumn brings. For your next fall adventure, check out one of these incredible places!

Lake Placid

Located in Upstate New York, Lake Placid is the perfect place to relax along the water or enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and horseback riding, before the weather gets too cold. Even with the weather becoming more crisp, fall is still a great time to head out on the lake to view the foliage from the water. You can also visit one of their many fall festivals, such as the Flaming Leaves Festival or Lake Placid Brewfest. For those chilly nights, head to Top of the Park and enjoy dinner fireside with your loved ones!


One of the sweetest places in New England, the city of Burlington, Vermont is the perfect place to watch the leaves change colors this fall. Burlington is full of history, as well as cute, kitchy attractions such as the tallest filing cabinet in the world! Take a trip downtown to their great shopping district and grab an authentic Vermont flannel shirt to keep you warm as you stroll through the farmer’s market, open through the end of October, or enjoy a warm beverage while taking in the sights along Lake Champlain. If you’re looking for more adventure, head to Mount Mansfield, just an hour’s drive from Burlington and view the gorgeous foliage from the highest point in all of Vermont!


For many residents of Charlestown, South Carolina, the fall weather feels a bit chilly. But, if you’re from the North and looking for a warmer place to enjoy the fall, Charlestown will feel just right. You won’t see the normal changing of the leaves that you expect, but what this city lacks in fall foliage it makes up for in spooky Halloween vibes. Did you know Charlestown is rumored to be haunted? If you’re looking to take a deep dive into the spooky history of this city, take a tour of some of the most haunted attractions on the East Coast, such as the Old City Jail or Circular Graveyard. If you fall in love with this city, you can always look for Charlestown houses for sale, but be sure to check if they’re haunted first!

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