5 Clever Ways to Organise your House in Eastbourne for More Storage

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Living in Eastbourne has a lot of benefits — stunning seafront view, many housing options, outstanding educational institutions, and well-connected transportation services. Because of these factors, Eastbourne is listed as one of the UK’s Top 10 happiest towns!

Whether you live in a large house or a small flat in Eastbourne, organising your home can provide many positive outcomes. Besides, who wants to live in a house filled with mess and clutter? Having a clean and organised home is considered through its appearance and the convenience of having all your belongings arranged in the right place.

A clutter-free home allows us to feel relaxed and gives us more space to express our creativity. Studies show that having an organised home reduces stress levels and boosts our energy. On the flip side, if your living space is in disarray, it can negatively affect your mental state, physical health, social relationships, and creativity flow. Your ability to focus may even be restrained and increase your risk of depression and anxiety.

Organising your house is a great start to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing! With an organised home, you can find peace and relaxation and will make you feel at home in your own home. Besides, as you wish to improve your home, it’s crucial to have a free space to do your hobbies or even store several boxes, equipment, and furniture. If you wish to create extra space, why not build a shed? If you want to find out more about sheds, go here.

Although Eastbourne is an excellent place to live in, you should also know that it is vital to arrange your home in a way that will enhance your living condition. And what better way to start than creating a space that will promote clarity and organisation! With that, we give you 5 Clever Ways To Organise Your House in Eastbourne For More Storage!


The best way to begin your journey in organising your house is this section. Before anything else, eliminating the things that no longer serve you value or usefulness is your first line of action. This either means that you will donate it to a charity like Chestnut Tree House, return the item to the rightful owner, or throw it out in the bin.

Once done, categorising will be the next step that will allow you to go through another round of assessing the value of your items. As you sort out your stuff, you will find yourself deciding whether to give it up or keep it.

Lastly, you have to create a system with yourself to keep things organised and neat! By organising them, make sure that it is entirely practical and orderly.


All-in-one machines and space-efficient furniture are highly recommended since they will give you more storage space and more room to move in! Examples of these are washing machines with dryers, coffee tables with drawers, refrigerators that include a freezer and a water dispenser, and reclinable sofa beds.

With these types of appliances, you can have more room to stash all your belongings, leaving your home tidy, space-y, and lovely.


Organising products come in different forms. Whether its shelves, colour-coded containers, baskets, hooks, or custom dividers, these are proven to help organise your stuff and create more space in your home!

Take note that when you plan to buy an organising product, it is always best to organise first, then measure the size of the items and the space size of where you plan to put the organising product! This way, you are sure to have effective equipment that will provide you with more space, and won’t end up being another clutter in your home.


For heavy-duty storing, you can avail a self storage facility in Eastbourne to make your home a breathable and comfortable space to live in. Usually, a storage unit houses business files, old furniture, sports equipment, memorabilia, boxes full of clothes, and even appliances that are rarely used.

What’s amazing about self storage units is that they are competitively priced. They are also easily accessible in your area and offer tight security to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound. Besides, several storage units have sizes that range from 10 sq ft (0.93 sq m) lockers to 200 sq ft (18.58 sq m) rooms. With this, you are sure to find a storage unit suitable for your liking!


If you don’t know where to start cleaning and organising, you can avail a professional decluttering service in Eastbourne. Whether you feel overwhelmed in cleaning, need guidance to sort out your stuff, have to get ready for a house move, or just lazy to tidy things up, this solution is one great way to make cleaning and decluttering smooth and easy.

However, it’s understandable how you might feel more accomplished and satisfied if you do all the hard work on your own. So, whether you do it alone, or with the assistance of a professional decluttering service provider, we support your decision!

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