How to Travel in Thailand on a Shoestring Budget


We all love to travel and if Thailand is in your sights in 2022 and you have a limited travel budget, this article was written with you in mind. Fortunately, Thailand has a great infrastructure, which is perfect for those who wish to travel on a limited budget and in this short article, we offer some cool tips for cheap travel and living.

Bangkok – Of course, the best way to get around in Bangkok is the Sky Train; it is clean, safe and the fastest way to get across the city. There are other cheap forms of transport; namely the canal taxis, which are great fun and not for the faint of heart. The canal system runs through the entire city and the longboats are now electric powered, which is much quieter than the old diesel engines they used to use. There are a/c and non-a/c buses that run all routes and they are very cheap but do not run to a timetable; you simply wait at the bus stop until your bus turns up. Of course, it is important to take out some health insurance for the duration of your stay, which would cover you for sickness and injury.

Travelling around Thailand – We have King Rama V to thank for the glorious road and rail network that runs through the entire nation. Air-conditioned buses run to every major town and city and tickets are insanely cheap; if you prefer the train, the railway network also covers all of Thailand and you can buy your ticket on the train or book your berth at Hua Lamphong Train Station, in central Bangkok. There are 3 major bus stations for outside Bangkok travel, each servicing a different part of the country, and buses run on a daily basis. If you want to travel to the southern islands, you can book a place on the overnight train from Bangkok to Surathani and if you want to save money, travel 3rd class alongside the farmers and their chickens. Thai trains are slow and they stop at every station, allowing you to buy food from the platform vendors. Click here for tips on budget travel, which might prove to be fruitful. 

Renting motorcycles – Of course, riding a bike in Thailand comes with significant risk and that’s why you need comprehensive health insurance from a leading Thai insurance provider. If you have a driving licence in your home country, you can obtain an International Driving Permit and that will allow you to ride a rented bike in Thailand. Prior to leaving the bike rental shop, walk around the bike with the owner, pointing out any damage; you could even take a few photos that you can use as evidence, should the rental shop wish to charge you for bike damage that was already there.

Make sure that you comply with the current entry requirements for Thailand before you make any firm plans to visit and we hope that the above advice can help you to get around in Thailand without spending too much money on transport.

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