10 Natural Tips to Make Your Hair Longer and Grow Faster

10 Natural Tips to Make Your Hair Longer and Grow Faster - Photo Credit Stockfreeimages.com

The silky, smooth strands of the black hairs waved as the wind ruffled it carelessly!

Hairs, though considered to be a biologically dead part, is of utmost importance for the feminine population. After all, it is one of the most cherished body parts that has become a way to flaunt one’s beauty over time. Keeping a long hair and maintaining them can really become tiresome, especially when you have already your hands full of other things.

In this busy life, taking care of the hairs, tending them so that they stay healthy, and providing proper nourishment both internally and externally seem to be a surreal topic. You hardly get any time to tend to your own needs, how will you take care of the needs of our hair? Isn’t it?

Well for starters, let’s have a look at the present condition of your hair and then you can rate it on the scale of worst parameter!

Problems of the hair in today’s time

On the world-wide scale, there are some of the common problems concerning the hair that has been reported to the dermatologists and other doctors. In fact, it is seen almost 85% of the total female population across the globe is suffering from one or two of such hundreds of hair problems.

Here we have listed some of the common hair problems to help you in recognizing the epicenter of your problems!

  • Dandruff is perhaps the most common problem people suffer from.
  • The second most common problem is the continuous loss of the hair strands during combing or even bathing.
  • Dry hairs, especially in the summer season, leading to the formation of several difficult knots.
  • Sometimes, you cannot recognize but most of your strands can have split ends.
  • Oily hair sometimes gives a shine to your black strands but not when your hair is overloaded with the greasy oil.
  • In the case of women who love to dye their hair suffer from color problems. That can be because of the ammonia, the other chemical dyes or any other allergic reaction of the scalp.
  • If these are a handful of hair problems, then how worst the situation can be if others are taken into consideration.

What exactly can be done to bring back the lost glamour of your hair and make it the shining star of your appearance?

Let’s hear out the hair growth tips!

How to get long hair?

  1. Trimming is worthy enough

Though it might sound bad, the process is quite effective in ensuring that your hair growth is not getting stagnant. Too often you have split ends, rough hair at the bottom and in some cases, you also have frizziness. These hamper the hair growth. Trimming the ends occasionally will help to have a volume of hair at even level and also to maintain the physical health of the lower ends. This will certainly increase hair growth to a great extent.

  1. Hot oil scalp massages

Essential oils are too much helpful in treating the worsening conditions of your hair and perhaps is the best hair growth formula. The hot oil massages help your scalp and your hair roots in a number of ways, some beyond your conception. For starters, they establish a proper blood supply to the scalp, ensuring your root is getting proper nutrients. They also nourish the hair in many ways. Coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and even the almond oil are some of the best oils you can use for massages.

  1. Use of conditioner

Conditioning the hair might sound too extravagant but a mild conditioner is what your hair needs after a shampoo. The components in the mixture help to replenish the lipids and proteins in the hair shaft. They also seal the hair cuticle, ensuring its proper elongation without breaking off at any point. Conditioners add shine, volume and luster to your unlikely frizzy and dry hair.

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  1. Combing hair before bed

Before going to the bed, do not forget at any cost to brush your hair. Combing will help you to release the hair knots that might become more complex during your sleep and might cause more hair fall than intended. Brush the strands gently, applying mild pressure on the loose ends.

  1. Keeping wet hair free from any cover

After you take a shower, stop using a towel to wrap your wet strands. When wet, they are at their vulnerable state and that’s why, if you cover them tightly, they might break. This is one of the primary tips to grow hair faster.

  1. Using a handmade hair mask

Natural hair masks are quite beneficial in protecting the hair and the scalp. Mostly, women use the egg masks to protect their hairs and increase the shine of the strands. Many women consider this method to be one of the fast hair growth secrets.

  1. No stress no hair fall

Some women usually ask how to grow natural hair? The answer is: to avoid the hair fall, avoid stress and lead a relaxing life. Studies have shown that stress is directly proportional to the level of hair fall. The psychological problems have adverse effects on the health of the hair, damaging the strands internally.

  1. Take in supplements

Taking in the Vitamin supplements is a kind of providing nourishment to the hair internally. They ensure proper supply of nutrients to the hair and maintain the level of lipids and proteins in the shaft. This is the best natural hair growth tip that will help you in the long run.

  1. Drink water to the optimum level

Drinking lot of water helps you in keeping yourself hydrated, thereby adding moisture to your hair. This prevents the strands from being dried up and also reduces the hair loss. This is perhaps the first answer you need for your “how to grow long hair question!

  1. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet

If you are disturbed by the question of how to grow hair faster, then consider revising your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are the sources of many natural nutrients that your body needs to remain fit. Similarly, there are many components that your hair needs to remain healthy and you can easily get them from a properly balanced diet.

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