Why Companies Should Control Their Own ID Cards

PVC ID Cards

Large workplaces and institutions have unique security concerns. In any building that’s accessible to the public or to large amounts of people, it’s important that there’s an effective strategy for restricting certain areas that should be accessible to employees – or a certain level of employee – exclusively.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to monitor and control access in organizations and structures like these is with an ID card system. To make it work, organizations need to be able to print high quality PVC ID cards on demand and at their own facilities in conjunction with security or card readers that bar access to restricted zones. ID cards can be printed out of house, but there are plenty of good reasons to keep it all in-house.

Print Visitor ID Cards

If your system requires you to give ID cards or custom lanyards to visitors, you need a plastic card printer to register and easily identify visitors. With software that allows organizations to design their own cards and print directly from a PC, you can distinguish between visitors, contractors, delivery people, and different levels of access.

When there are renovations going on in the building, contractors need access to zones that would otherwise be restricted to other visitors, and your ID card printer system should be flexible enough to accommodate those situations.

Greater Convenience

When you have the facilities to print your own cards, you can quickly have them ready on the spot when you’re onboarding new employees. You don’t have to outsource to a third-party to get them delivered at a later date, meaning everyone should have the appropriate credentials they need. It’s not just more convenient, it also means you have tighter security.

You can also use your ID card printer to print off large quantities of cards for one-time events. They don’t have to be used just as IDs. Retailers can use them for reward cards and print them off on the spot. The flexibility will help you sign up customers for loyalty programs.

Enhanced Security

Some ID card printers allow you to include encoding for smart cards that can be used to tap in or open access to restricted parts of the building. Smart cards allow you to enhance your security while cutting security costs and reducing the need for hiring security guards.

In-House Control and Flexibility

Last but not least, operating your own equipment means you keep control of your data and provides you with greater flexibility in your day-to-day operations. Encoded smart cards that provide access to restricted areas can be programmed and reprogrammed on a daily basis to meet complicated security arrangements. You can also rest easy knowing that you have complete control of your security ID cards rather than any third-party involvement.

Owning and operating your own card system is a great way to enhance your security system and keep things in-house. It can help cut costs, add flexibility to your system, and speed up onboarding.

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