Top Reasons to Move Your Family to Rehoboth


If you have children, there is no shortage of fun activities for you all to do as a family in this lovely part of Delaware!

Rehoboth Beach is continuously growing, and there are some charming pieces of property to choose from in the area, both inland and near the ocean.

There are two main reasons why families generally move this location in “The Diamond State”, and they are (1) the fun family activities and attractions, and (2) the reasonable prices of Rehoboth Beach homes for sale. Here are some examples of both.

Fun Family Activities in Rehoboth Beach

If you are currently looking for homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach, here are some of the local activities and attractions that will be near your new residence. Living here, you and your family will always have something fun to do!

  • The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. From the Playland Arcade to The Seashell Shoppe to The Rehoboth Toy and Kite Company, you and your kids will have a wonderful time taking a stroll on the boardwalk.
  • Since the early 1960’s, Funland Amusement Park has been a staple in the Rehoboth Beach community. The park currently has twenty different rides (from the high-flying paratrooper to the kiddie boats), almost a dozen different games to play (such as Skee Ball and Ring Fling), and food & retail shops all around.
  • Tanger Outlets. Want to do some shopping in between browsing the beautiful homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach? Well, you can’t go wrong when visiting Tanger, homes to stores such as Calvin Klein, Old Navy, Polo Ralph Lauren and more.
  • The Public Rehoboth Beach. We obviously can’t forget about the beach…it’s the main reason most folks move to the area! It can get kind of packed full of people in the summertime, with families enjoying everything from fishing to sport activities. But the lifeguards are always there to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time.

These are just a handful of the attractions that you can enjoy if you decide to move your family to Rehoboth Beach. There are also others such as the stunning Delaware Seashore State Park, The Rehoboth Beach Museum, and a host of walking trails, restaurants and historical monuments in the area.

Prices of Homes for Sale in Rehoboth Beach

The reasonable real estate prices are the other reason to move your family to this lovely beach city. The average price of homes in the Rehoboth Beach area is around $530,000, and according to local real estate experts the value of these beach homes is continually rising, around 7% annually. Other sources show that a large majority of homes in the area are actually vacant, over 60% of them.

This could mean a wonderful opportunity for folks who are in search of homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach, and certain subdivisions such as Sterling Crossing and Old Landing have reasonable prices between $375,000 and $800,000, depending on the size you want your new dwelling to be.

Other Types of Homes for Sale in Rehoboth Beach

The townhomes and condos that are available in the area are also very attractive, both to the eye and pricewise.

Still, the most reasonably priced ones will be further away from the immediate aforementioned attractions. But, some homeowners with families don’t mind, being that they may want their home to be in a quiet area where they can escape the bustle of the lively, tourist-filled beach.

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