Top 10 Best-Selling Furniture Brands in India in 2022

Best Furniture Brands in India

Furniture is a vital part of home décor. They are highly functional as well. Therefore, they have to be crafted with care. Previously, the furniture was hand-made, and every piece was crafted meticulously by carpenters. This was a highly unorganized sector. However, in present times you can buy factory-made furniture at standard prices. Since then, several brands have forayed into the market. They have remarkable collections too. Therefore, more and more people opt to buy branded furniture due to the convenience and affordable price and warranty and other furniture makers’ services. Let us consider the top 10 furniture brands in india.

Let us consider the best furniture manufacturers in India:

1. Godrej Interio

This is a special unit of the Godrej group. Godrej interio was established in the year 1897. They offer a wide range of practical furniture. They have over 800 outlets spread across India. You have furniture that will be suitable for use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. however; you have furniture that can be used in commercial places like hotels, inns, etc too. The brand has earned a reputation for manufacturing and selling quality furniture. The brand offers good value for your money. It is in terms of quality design and style of furniture. They are the manufacturers of the best wood furniture in india.

2. Zuari

This is the auxiliary company of Zuari Global Limited. It is functioning since 2001 in India.

There are over 62 wholesalers and 850 sellers all over India. You will be able to access a wide range of furniture items. Apart from sofas, dressing tables, closets, divider units, TV units, etc, you can also get bunks and office furniture. You will get trendy and advanced furniture. Also, you have scope for a high level of customization.

3. Durian

This is a furniture-making company in Mumbai. At present, there are 33 stores spread over different parts of India. However, it is an Indian furniture company that is extensively involved in the web-based business. You will also buy furniture from this brand in money down or EMI options. The brand is slowly gaining the trust of the customers. This is evident from the reviews of the customers. Additionally, they have earned the trust considering the warranty they offer. It is up to 5 years for certain furniture types.

4. Nilkamal

This is the best furniture company in india that manufactures quality shaped or molded furniture. The retail division of this brand is @home. The furniture from this brand is sold in 16 huge retail locations in India. However, there are about 1100 merchants and 20,000 resellers of this furniture brand. Therefore, the brand is well-known in several pockets in India.

5. Ikea

It is a Swedish brand. But, the corporate office is in New Delhi. However, it has been manufacturing and supplying quality furniture for over 28 years now. Also, it offers furniture to suit all classes in India. The furniture range is highly affordable. They are tasteful as well. You will also modify the furniture to suit your tastes without much change in the price points. Ikea is the first brand with FDI endorsement for retail activities in India.

6. Evok

It is a subsidiary organization of the Somany Group. The Evok stores feature the best furniture manufacturers in india. This includes soft furnishings, accessories, and home décor. They also feature over 2000 + A list items. They have created a special name for themselves in the Indian furniture market.

7. Style spa

You will get furniture that is ideal for all environments from this brand. The brand sells its furniture through 60+ showrooms that are spread over different parts of India. They produce the best furniture in india with technical and aesthetic specifications. The brand is well-known in urban communities in India.

8. Wooden Street

This is a Jaipur-based furniture store growing steadily owing to customer loyalty they enjoy. This indian furniture manufacturer caters to the clients acknowledging the clients’ requests. It includes picking the color, texture, shading, and even finish of the furniture. Additionally, you can choose from the assortment of arranged furniture in stock.

9. Furniturewalla

This brand was established in the year 1999. The brand manufactures extravagant furniture. Therefore, they cater to the crème of society. The clientele includes industrialists, film stars. Architects, government officials, etc

10. Solimo

This is one of the furniture company names that might be all too familiar to you. Especially if you buy products from Amazon. Solimo is the in-house brand of Amazon. The brand now focuses on offering conventional furniture items at reasonable prices.

There are indeed extended choices in the furniture market. You have furniture made of wood, fibre, and other materials. However, some brands have made their mark in manufacturing furniture of a particular type. Also, they offer scope for customization.

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