Top Features of Connected Inverters That Make it Stand Out

Connected Inverters

Today there are different types of models, sizes, and brands of inverters available in the market. An inverter is designed, keeping in mind consumer requirement & comfort. A connected inverter can be defined as an advanced model of inverters that can be easily monitored or controlled with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology on your android or iOS smartphone.

Listed below are the reasons stating that why you should adapt to this new era of power backup system:

  • Keeps you Technologically Upfront

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices can help you keep track of the working status of your inverters. You can easily download the mobile application that is available on iOS and Google Play Store from a smartphone, and then you can connect it to the inverter to track your inverter battery’s output and statistics. Leading brand like Luminous offer the Zelio UPS Power Inverter series that consists of one of India’s smartest and most intelligent connected inverters series. They are an affordable range of inverters, and you can access state-of-art features like digital display, MCB protection, and main bypass.

  • They are Eco-Friendly

Your search for the best inverter will end with the Zelio connected inverter series. Noiseless operation with low harmonic distortion makes them environmentally friendly. When compared to old and bulky inverters, connected inverters reflect an ultra-modern style.

If you are still not convinced, then here are some features that make connected inverters the best:

  1. Monitor & Control your Inverter Through an App

A smart inverter system like Zelio-I is designed with the latest Bluetooth technology, which allows you to monitor and control inverter functions from your mobile phone. User can control the inverter like switching On/off or can optimize the performance of the inverter on their smartphone very conveniently. An intelligent inverter like Zelio WiFI is designed with latest WiFi technology which allows you to access the inverter battery statistics from anywhere in the world. If you are at work, and there is a power outage at home for several hours, the inverter battery is used up. However, with connected inverters, you can easily stay updated about the power that is being used and make adjustments through the app. To increase the backup time of the inverter, you can physically lower the connected load. Listed below are some parameters that you can monitor to analyze your house’s power situation:

  • Backup time of the inverter
  • Percentage load running on the inverter
  • Battery charging percentage
  • Input voltage supply
  • Battery charging time

In case there is a power failure in your area, you will receive notifications for the same. A special feature of connected inverters like Zelio-i is that you can switch to high power mode if you want to run electrical appliances that have a greater load. Connected inverters also help you in saving battery life with another special feature called the Auto Holiday Mode. If you are going on a vacation, just set the inverter on Auto holiday mode; this will prevent the inverter from repeated charging/discharging of the battery due to a small discharge, thus increasing the shelf-life of your battery.

  1. The Sine wave Output of the Connected Inverter

It is a wise decision to invest in a connected inverter for your home as it comes in a pure sine wave output. The waveforms reflect how the inverter transforms direct current into an alternating current.

If you plan to purchase connected inverters from reputable brand like Luminous, they will offer you a collection of pure sine wave inverters and provide accurate data and insights about your backup system. The Zelio-i and Zelio WiFi series of connected inverters come with a warranty of 24 months. It is India’s most intelligent inverter range, with a 32-bit DSP processor. An ideal choice for sensitive appliances, it supports a wide battery range, that is, flat plate, tubular, and VRLA.

Get a new backup system for your home today!

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