Things to Consider while Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy

Things to Consider while Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy

Not many of us have heard about compounding pharmacies. When the commercially available medicines are unable to meet the need of patients compounding pharmacies come in. if the patient can’t tolerate any existing medicine and they need an alternative which is not available in the market it is made by compounding pharmacies.  The procedure for making such medications is a lot more complicated than ordinary medicines; hence the level of skill required is much higher. It is essential that you choose a reputable compounded pharmacy that is not only cost effective but also trained in producing compounded customized medications.

Things to Consider while Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy

How To Find a Compounding Pharmacy that Suits your Requirements?

  • Do Through Research: It is important to do some research about the various kinds of compounding pharmacy before you settle on getting services from one. You can consult a doctor in this case. Inquire about the training schemes, how they instruct the patients to take medications and their reputability. The easiest way to do this is by performing a simple search on the internet. Look up the website of the pharmaceutical company to verify any discrepancies between the products they have given you and what is written on their website. It is also essential to do a background check.
  • Check the References Provided: A reputed compounding pharmacy should provide adequate documents of references, either on their own or on being requested. The references should bear testimony to the training the pharmacists have received from a certified pharmacy school. This is necessary because although the pharmacy might perform well in the consultation phase, they might not be able to sustain the consistency in the future.  
  • Check Whether the Company Does Batch Testing: Thecompounding pharmacyshould perform batch testing of the prescriptions. To ensure the potency of the medications, the samples of the compounds should be put through a series of checks for accurate weight, yield and volume. The batch testing can be performed within the organization itself or by an external agency. A reputed compounding pharmacy will keep lot wise batch records of all compounds and be able to trace a prescription to the original record for the specific batch of medicines. There should also be provisions for pH testing of ophthalmic preparations and sterilized injections.
  • Investigate the Source For Raw Materials: To be able to upkeep the highest standards of quality, the company should attest to the sources of its raw ingredients as pure and pharmacologically active. They should obtain certificates of analysis for the constituents of the compound or the chemicals used to prepare the medications. The suppliers they work with should also be reliable.
  • Verify the Accreditation Details: Find out whether the compounding pharmacy you have chosen is accredited by a certified medical organization of the country. The accreditation will ensure that the pharmacy has been tested in compliance with a set of extremely testing standards of a national or international organization. It will ensure the use of quality chemicals and regular assessment of the laboratory technicians for their expertise level, and their competence in preparing dosages.
  • Keep in Touch: Once you have decided on which company to procure your sterilized medical compounds from, stay involved.  Try to visit the location or site of the compounding pharmacy and check out if they have adequate environmental programs for securing aseptic conditions. As an aware customer, it is your duty to ensure that thecompounding pharmacydelivers service at the level of their promises.

Apart from remembering these tips, you should always consult a practicing doctor who prescribes the medication for more information on such pharmacies. They will usually ask for the doctor’s name and payment upfront. Remember that there a plenty of options when it comes to selecting a compound pharmacy and it is always prudent to take time so as to ensure that you receive quality service.

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  1. Choosing the right compounding pharmacy is very important because making medicines are quite difficult and you have to choose the perfect and experienced men for this type of work. Thanks for Good Information.

  2. My dad needs special medication for his heart problem, which is why I’m currently looking or a compounding pharmacy that may offer the necessary prescription drugs. I agree with you that it would be best to inquire about the training schemes of the prospective pharmacy. You’re also right about the importance of choosing a service that keeps a lot of batch records.

  3. Jack, I like that you said that a reliable and reputable compounding pharmacy could provide references upon request that could testify about the experience and skills of their pharmacists. My aunt Ruth is looking for a compounding pharmacy in town for her husband, who needs to have his medication customized. I’ll share this article of yours with her tonight through chat. Thanks.

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